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Does anyone else have issues with their inlaws?? Why is mine such a *****...and to add to it, I'm moving next door to her next month:eek: Ugh AND my monthly friend is back too, only 5 week PP. Oh and dh is gone to camp and i am alone with two cranky LOs.....please let this be a good night!!

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My in-laws aren't the greatest. They're imposing and they don't understand that when DH and I got married *we* became a family and they're just not #1 in his world anymore. DH made it worse for a while by not putting his foot down with his dad, but I'm proud of him... he's put his dad in his place a few times in the last year and a half and his dad has FINALLY started backing off and respecting us more. Hopefully it'll continue to get better, but I'm always on pins and needles wondering when the next big blow up will happen. :confused:

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My MIL is a pain in the butt, but my FIL and SFIL are great. But seriously, my MIL just makes me crazy! See my previous post about her Wink