Ultrasound results

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Ultrasound results

Had my NT screening today, and everything is just perfect! Got some great pics too.

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Very cute!!

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Awesome pics! I love the little legs and arms Smile

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great pics!!! congrats on seeing little one!

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Yay for a good scan and great pics.

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Awesome pics!! Congrats on a great scan!

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Love it!!! glad everything is perfect.

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soo cute!

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awesome, great pictures. Smile

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Cute pics!

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Love the pics of the arms and legs!

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oh that's so adorable. look at those little legs!

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very adorable pictures !! congratulations !!

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I knew it'd been a while since I came stalking so I just had to come see if there were any news. What a cute little peanut; just as cute as Big Sis for sure!! I keep following your ticker and can't believe how big the LO is getting already!! Biggrin