UMMMMMM.....I think my water may have broke..

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UMMMMMM.....I think my water may have broke..

So I know this is my 6th baby and i may sound like a complete idiot BUT I *think* my water may have has always had to be broken once I was in full blown labor so IDK exactly what it feels like for it to break on its own.

Anyhow I got home from picking kids up at school and undies were wet....TMI....there was my normal discharge then there was 2 distinct WET spots. I smelled them TMI again and it IS NOT pee.......waiting on my mom to get home so I can decide what to do......Little Miss also isnt moving near as much so.....I'm ony 33 weeks and 4 days sooooooooooooooo

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I just commented on your FB status. Sounds like what I was experiencing just a week ago at 33 weeks. Turned out to be just watery discharge. My pants were soaked and since my water broke at 34 weeks with DS, I went ahead and went in to get it checked. I would get it checked just for peace of mind, but it probably is more than likely discharge. KUP!

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OH DEAR!!! I hope you are wrong! My water broke with both of mine. With DS1 it was a lot of fluid but with DS2 it wasnt as much so I wasnt sure. It turned out that with DS2 it wasnt broken exactly but was leaking, which either way you need to deliver within 24 hours. So I guess what I am saying is that if it isnt pee you are probably gonna have a baby really soon! OMG!!!

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I don't know if the 24 hour rule is just a hospital thing, but if your water did break and as long as labor hasn't started, you could stay in the hospital pumped with antibiotics until you do go into labor which could be as long as 2 weeks from now. That's what they were going to do with me when I had DS except I ended up going into labor that night so it didn't matter anyways. Your fluid replenishes itself and they watch you closely for infection so you don't necessarily have to deliver within 24 hours. The only time they do that is if you are full term. That being said though, each hospital may be different and go by the 24 hour rule no matter what week you are, but my hospital does not do that. I really hope your water did not break so that little girl can keep on baking!

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I hope it didn't either......I've been having ALOT of pressure the past 2 days as well so IDK......I hate to go in and look like a complete idiot but...

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You won't look like an idiot! I always feel that way too, but I learned my lesson with DS. I walked around with a leak in my sac for 3 days until I finally went in and got checked. When I went in last week, they told me that it is very common for women to come in thinking their water broken and they are happy that we do come in to get checked. I bet you weren't their first patient that came in today for the exact reason.

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Well I actually called L and D..the nurse said to just put a pad on and if it is "filled" in an hour to come in....or if I start contracting every 5 min or so.

Thing is.....I've never really felt "hard" contractions except when I was on pitocin. My "contractions" that made me go in with DD at 36 weeks were just a slight tightening....and that got me from 1 to 4 in an hour...

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Yikes! I hope it's just discharge! My water "broke" with DD. It was really more like I sprung a leak. It was like I was peeing and I absolutely couldn't control it. And with every contraction (small but timeable BH like contractions) it increased. Can you feel a contraction by feeling if your belly is getting hard? Because maybe you can time them that way instead of through pain YKWIM?

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I've been commenting on your fb but thought I would do so here too. I don't know what it feels like to have my water break either. But, if your temps are still in the 100s, *TMI* I don't know how your pants are soaked always. I get sweaty... TMI I know.

Thinking of you... KUP.

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Hope it's not your water actually broken!

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Hopefully it's not your water that's broken! Remember, it's NEVER silly or stupid going to the hospital. KUP!

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Eeekkkkk...hope you got good news & are at home.

KUP!!! :bighug:

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jst checking ...hope all is well...

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Well I didn;t end up going in......I did what the L and D nurse told me to do and I'm guessing since the pad wasn't full in an hour it wasn't my water. I did have some tightening all evening that I thought may be contractions as it was JUST like what sent me to the hospital at 36 weeks with DD (evidently I'm abnormal and don't feel "real" contractions like normal people Smile (I delivered all 3 of my older boys with NO pain meds and feeling NO contractions, had to be told when to push).

Anyhow even they seem to have petered out BUT now I'm alittle worried that I haven't really felt little Miss move since yesterday morning (except a small bump here and there) Anyway I'm off to take the oldest 2 boys to football. Then hom eto get the other 3 ready and if after they are at school I still cant get here moving enough to satisfy me I am heading in to have a check.

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I think this sounds like a good plan.

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"jenny_l" wrote:

I think this sounds like a good plan.

I think so too. The lack of movement would almost have me as or more concerned than the discharge.

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Keep that LO in there alittle longer! Hope you can rest too! You're a busy momma!

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"mommy2four" wrote:

I hope it didn't either......I've been having ALOT of pressure the past 2 days as well so IDK......I hate to go in and look like a complete idiot but...

You won't sound like an's definately better to take the safe route and get it checked out! I hope it's just watery discharge!!! Keep us posted (if you can!)

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I agree. It's better to be safe then sorry (in my experience, sometimes the pad thing really isn't a surefire sign of whether or not it's amniotic fluid.) Hope all is well and you're in my thoughts!