Update #3

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Update #3

Well, it seems my body likes to play tricks on me...

I wasn't pregnant after all.... I am really ok with not being pregnant. We will be starting the adoption process in the fall. With my age the odds are so against me.

Back to watching you all go through your pregnancies.

Don' feel you need to turn off siggys, this was not a loss and I am ok with it.

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wow. that's crazy that you can get a positive like that. Adoption is an amazing thing. Just watched a set of friends go through the process and it's so cool to see them with their baby girl. She even looks a good bit like her momma. GL2U!

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Good luck with the adoption! I am adopted, so I KNOW how amazing it can be!! Please keep us posted.

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Good luck with everything!

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Good luck. Keep us posted.

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Good luck with the adoption, hope it goes smoothly, KUP.

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Good luck with adoption ... We adopted our dd last May ,she looks like DH and behaves like a mini me.... and after eight years of trying all infertility drugs processes surgeries I was so relieved and blessed to have her in our life...

We took a small holiday with her to thailand to celebrate her birthday in feb ( before we a had big birthday party at home) and thanks to that fabulous holiday my miracle baby is in my tummy....I call my daughter my miracle worker....... Life and God have a unique way of showing us that they are looking after us..... I wish you luck and may you bring a sweet little bundle of joy home sooon.....

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Good luck with the adoption process, I hope it goes smoothly and quickly for you. Please continue to KUP.