Update from Kate (Kate83)

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Update from Kate (Kate83)

Just got a text from Kate:

"All is good! Waiting for urine labs. Having contractions but cervix is perfect. Good to go home!"

Yay! I was starting to worry about these October babies. It seemed like they are starting get impatient.

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Good! I was hoping they were just the annoying contractions and not the cervix changing ones :).

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Thanks for.the update! Looks like we got birth buddies just in time. Smile

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Glad everything is okay!!

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glad everythings good.....

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Glad everything is good!

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Phew!!!! I too was thinking WTH October babies. Put the brakes on.

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glad to hear it was a false alarm !!

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So glad to hear that all is well!

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Glad everything is okay! Everyone is getting so close!!

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Glad to hear everything is well!