Update on My Family and I!

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Update on My Family and I!

Sorry I have not been able to make it on the internet for over a month. I am now moved into my brand new house and I have internet again! Wow what a journey this has been, being pregnant and building a house. I didn't know if my relationship with my husband was going to make it but now that things have calmed down and I am over my PPD, which started at the end of my pregnancy (which my midwife said can be normal)...things are much better! My energy is back, my sex drive is back!!! My dd1 is over the honeymoon period and is definately acting out because all of my attention isn't towardss her. She loves her sister but also makes a lot of comments like, "put her in her swing" "put her down and play with me"...typical. As for Kendra, she is a very chubby one! At her 2 month appt earlier this month she was 14lb, 15 oz!! She has rolls everywhere!! Bathing her can be quite difficult haha!!...but shes a very strong girl too. She can sit up straight in the bumbo seat already!! And she tries to stand when you burp her. She is a very content baby when fed and burped. She''ll just sit in her swing or lie on the floor mat and look around for hours! Then eat and sleep. Sooo easy compared to the first!!

Anyways, I haven't been on her at all, so I thought I would share a little about my family and i Smile

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Glad to hear that things are settling down and getting much better for you!

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I'm glad she's doing so well. My second baby was super easy too :). Congrats on your new home!