UPDATE things are definitely happening...

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UPDATE things are definitely happening...

No news... sontractions stopped for the night, although I still didn't sleep. I woke up every hour, and finally couldn't fall back asleep in the 4am hour, so I stayed in bed and accepted my fate! At around 5:15 DD woke up and wanted cereal, so I got up.
The pressure is still there, and the ctrx are starting again slowly... we'll see how many more days of this we have... I'm going to visit my MW today, so that's nice... I'm trying to keep a positive outlook Smile

I just wanted to post a little heads-up. I've been having a lot of pressure and pretty consistent contractions all day... might pick up, might peter out... just thought I'd put this out there... Smile

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Woohoo!!!! I hope this is it! Smile

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Oooooh .... hope this is it for you! KUP!

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Exciting! KUP!

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Fingers crossed for you!

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Woo hoo! I hope this is it.. good luck!

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Good luck. KUP!

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How exciting! I logged on hoping someone was headed towards delivery! Good luck and here's to an happy, easy, labor!

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good luck........

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Whoohoo! So exciting! I hope this is it!

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All my best Ayelet. Hope this is it for you & you've got your wee babe in your arms in no time.

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goodluck... kup....

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I hope all the pre labor gives you a break, or things really pick up and we have another pumpkin pie born!