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update on us

Sorry I have been MIA.....

Things are going well! Aisley will be 3 weeks old tomorrow and probably is about 8.5-9lbs. She is a great baby, had a super fussy past 24 hrs because she couldn't poop, but otherwise she is happy and easy! She hates the carseat, which is terrible since its an hour drive to any decent stores.

Bf'ing is going....I guess well. I have to use nipple shileds, she can't latch otherwise. 3 weeks of that is kinda annoying, I hate the extra step, but we love it, and I have lost 20lbd because of it Smile

Dh is so in love! He has her downstairs 8-12 so I can rest, I pump a bottle for him, and listening to him with her is so funny, he wants her to smile so bad! And my boys are doing great, they now fight over who gets to hold her, and ds1 must kiss her 20x a day.

Both boys were just sick, thank god A didn't get it!!

All else is good, dh has about 6 more weeks of work before his off season, can't wait to have the help! He's at work before the kids get us, so getting the kids to school in the morning is hectic.

Sorry for not getting here often, please add me on facebook if u haven't!

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Pictures of Aisley...

Kate, what a cutie she is!! Markus hates the carseat as well and I also have the challenge of having to drive almost an 1/2-1 hour before I get to the next city for shopping/errands.

Sounds like you are doing great with the BF even with the extra challenges... I know how hard it is! I found it stopped *hurting* to BF only a week ago and now it's going great (8 weeks of pain!!) Markus slept through the night for the FIRST TIME last night (none of my other kids took that long!)

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Great update! Good for you for sticking with it even though you have to use the shields. Kessler is just over 5 weeks and it's starting to hurt less and less. He can now get more in his mouth so he's not sucking on mostly nipple now. There are days when I think I want to quit and then I remember how hard it is to juggle preparing a bottle in the middle of the night and then washing all the parts and I realize despite the pain it has been in the end, it's healthier and easier. (Not that formula feeding is bad)

Aisley is such a pretty little girl! and I know how it is to not have DH around much in the beginning. It's awesome now that harvest is over, so I'm sure you'll enjoy the added help soon.

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She is SUCH a cutie!!

She looks so tiny .....she reminds me of a doll Smile

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She is so cute! I'm happy for you that bfing is going well, despite having to use the sheild.

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She is adorable!! Smile Sorry to hear she doesn't like the carseat. That's great that your boys are so in love. My girls are the same way with their baby brother. In fact, yesterday I actually had to "wait my turn" to hold my little guy!!! My little mommies have monopolized my baby!

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Gah! 5 and 8 weeks of pain Sad I'm glad you can do the bottle thing....I kind of can't wait for that. She must be a smart little girl! BFing is hard for a baby but sounds like she does great!

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I'm glad you're successfully BFing! Just keep trying without the shield and I'm sure she'll get it!