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Update on us

Aisley May will be 8 weeks on on Thursday! she is about 11lbs now. She is such a great easy baby. We are still breastfeeding despite all the hang ups. We are finally shield free! but not without serious work and frustration. She does super well during the day, but night time is difficult and it takes her like 30 minutes to get going and be content.

I have been experience this shooting throbbing pain for a good 4-5 weeks now and this past week it has gotten much much worse. After getting some advice from friends, i explained to them the pain and what was happening, I was told to look into vasospasms.

my nipples turn white and purple, I have bulging veins, and this pain is shooting through my breast after she eats, her latch does not hurt, we,, just that forst second, but otherwise no pain there. letdown had been killing me for weeks, but the past 2 days that seems to have stopped as the other pain got stronger and more constant.

I called the doctor but I have to wait for my insurance card before they will see me. So in the meantime, im just going to work on her getting a deeper latch, she tends to slip off and clamp down, and i'll just take a pain med once a day. hot compresses are said to help as well.

in other news, I have NOT started christmas shopping yet! im nuts! im starting tomorrow alone, and thursday hubby and I are taking Aisley to the maill to see santa while the boys have school.

and if that wasnt stressful enough, we host an xmas eve party and i havent shopped for that yet either!

thats all from me Smile sorry im so MIA.

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Glad to hear from you! I hope you get some answers on the pain, I find even knowing what the issue is even if there isn't much to do about it, helps so much. Good luck on the Christmas shopping, you're braver than I am.

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Is the pain in your breasts? I had a lot of pain issues when I was nursing my last two babies, had many problems with mastitis and thrush. I also have extremely painful letdowns the first 6 weeks with all my babies (so painful I would be curling my toes!!!) Are you fairskinned? Many fairskinned moms (like me - redhead) have sensitive breasts and nursing can be painful. Don't feel bad to take a tylenol here and there to help as you will toughen up and it gets better... I love this stage as now nursing feels so good I love it (but the first couple months owwwwie). Many doctors (especially in the US it seems) have no idea about breastfeeding/pain as infections can be hard for them to diagnose by looking. I developed lymphangitis with Clara last year, it's a swelling of the veins in your breast and very painful (the veins turn a purplish/red colour). I had to be on strong antibiotics to fix it... I hope you figure out what's going on as it's no good to be in pain.

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Congrats on sticking with it. Kessler was around 11lbs too at his 8 week apointment.

I started late on Christmas shopping as well, but managed to get the 5 year old's done yesterday while she was in preschool and got neices and nephews presents in the mail on Monday. I can barely believe I pulled that off. good luck shopping!

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Good luck with the christmas shopping! I'm sorry you're having such a hard time nursing but good job sticking to it! I had a really tough time nursing DS1, so I understand how it feels. You're doing such a good job though!