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Update on us

I know I haven't been on in a while so I just wanted to give an update on us!

Sophia just turned 10 months old today and we're now in official party planning mode. I can't believe in just 2 short months she will be 1. We're planning a very cute Owl theme. I fell in love with owls when decorating the nursery so I thought it would be a cute theme. Smile

She's also so close to walking, but as of now, she just crawls EVERYWHERE and she thinks she owns the house. She just goes off on her own at times and gets mad when I make her come back to where I'm at. LOL! She's got the temper tantrums down for sure.

Unfortunately, she has also been getting sick lately. She was just diagnosed with her 4th ear infection so they are now suggesting she get tubes. Sad I really cannot even think about my baby having surgery so we are trying every alternative we can think of. I've taken dairy out of my diet, started her on probiotics, and we are going to the chiropractor 3 times a week for a month. I really hope it works! Wish us luck!!

Here is an updated picture that I took just last night (not the best quality). It's starting to get really difficult to get a picture of her since she's always moving around. LOL!

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She's adorable! Love the hair! Nicholas is crawling around everywhere too! Such a full and exhausting age! I have to start thinking about party planning too!
My DS1 got tubes when he was 1 and I felt the same way about it. but the surgery was super easy and he was back to normal after a couple hours. They dont even notice it and its worth no ear infections! Ear infections are worse then the surgery!

Hope she feels better!

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What a big girl! I haven't been on either, so don't feel too bad :). I'm sorry she's getting sick for you! Hopefully she doesn't need tubes, but if she does hopefully they do the trick! Caleb is just about walking too. He's taking 2-3 steps solo between furniture, its killing me! Where's my baby!? Hope to see you around more!

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surgery is better when they are littler. #2 had her adenoids out at 9 months. She recovered very quickly. Since the age is so young, you are among the first to go in the morning. That's how it worked for us. #2 had a repeat adenoid and tonsils last sept at 6 and took longer to recover. We never needed tubes, but that is the same type of dr. If babies need it and it will help, I say go for it!

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Love the picture! How cute is she?! We did an owl theme for my daughter's 2nd birthday and it was super cute. There's lots of great owl stuff out there, even plates and stuff! I can't believe our kids are all almost 1!!