Update w/Pics (Pic Heavy)

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Update w/Pics (Pic Heavy)

So I finally got my butt on the laptop and can upload some pics. I can't figure out how to add pics to Photobucket from the IPad lol

We are doing good it is crazy that Callan was 14 weeks last Thursday already, how on earth did that happen. He is mostly a happy chilled out little boy. He makes me smile daily, so excited I have the experiance of having a son. He is still little at only 11lb 6oz at 3 months and dropped back down in percentile, he is still below the 9th. We are still breastfeeding which I a shocked and amazed at we seem to have resolved all issues other than supply. I still suffer there, somedays he has no formula some days he has anything up to 5oz depending on how much I can pump. Thanks to everyone here that helped me and supported me with kind words. He drools constantly and pukes a lot oh well I love doing laundry lol.

Anyway here are a few pics of my beautiful baby boy:My work makes a Winter Wnderland every year, First shower with my DH he loves it, With my 4yr old Macey, First Christmas Cracker Hat, Decorated by his sisters, Love my fingers, With my big sisters Caelyn & Macey, Fibally for Sally my breastfeeding pic. It makes my boob look huge lol

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You have such a beautiful family! I hope Callan starts really gaining for you soon.

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He's gorgeous! TFS!

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Great pics!!

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So handsome!!

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So cute and little! Reminds me of Abby Kate. Don't stress over percentiles. Abs was always in the 9th or lower and she's 5 and is just fine. It's still hard for me to believe that at 3 months, Kessler is the size Abby was at 7 months.

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Great pics!!! Beautiful girls and such a cute little man!!! LOL, your boob does look huge in that pic. Smile That's how I looked breastfeeding after my milk first came in!

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Nice boob shot :). Callan is just adorable! He's healthy, so dont fret over percentiles! They don't really mean anything. I think they just give drs something to keep track of :). TFS those beautiful pics!

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He is adorable! I wouldn't worry too much about the percentiles. DS was always in the 5th percentile, but he followed that trend the whole first year so I wasn't too worried. My boob looks huge when I'm nursing too. LOL! Sometimes, I'm worried she can't breathe!