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The month of August is a crazy crazy month for us! We started it off by spending last weekend in Vegas for my SIL's wedding. The flight went well and Southwest was VERY accomodating. They asked several times if I was comfortable and offered me extra Oreos, on BOTH flights! The dry heat was amazing compared to the humidity of the midwest. We didn't get much sleep and had a good 4 day visit. I worked 3 days, then took another flight this weekend. I was able to go home and attend a wedding and class reunion Saturday then my mom threw a baby shower Sunday. I flew back home today and am exhausted. Back to work tomorrow! I had a dr's appointment last week and seem to have no problem gaining weight. I'm up about 22 lb., which is fine by me. She postponed my next appointment to 3 weeks out to help out with my work schedule. I'm now measuring a week to week and half ahead.

The next day, the baby dropped. My husband immediately noticed I'm carrying lower and when I went home my mom noticed first thing I walked in the door. Being my first pregnancy, I'm not sure exactly when this was supposed to happen, but it has me a little more anxious! I went to BRU and picked up a few more items I need for the nursery. I work 4 days then we drive back home for my SIL's wedding reception. After this trip, the dr. has limited my travels. I think it's a good idea because I need some rest! Overall, things are going well. Lots of hiccups and kicks!

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Ok... I'm exhausted just reading that. You need to sit down & put your feet up & rest!!! I'm glad you were able to have a good time on your trips though. Smile

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I agree with Anita! I'm exhausted just reading this! Sounds like fun and glad you made it through it all.

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I'm exhaused reading that too! LOL! Time for you to get some much needed R&R, when you can. I dropped pretty early with both my pregnancies. In fact I'm at -1 station right now and the doctor can even feel her head when she checked me today. I've read that you usually drop much sooner with your first though. Feels great being able to breathe again, but having to pee every 5 minutes sucks! Smile

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I agree with everyone else - now I'm tired! Glad you had a nice trip. Take some time to relax if you can! Smile

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Wow you've been busy!!!!

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I flew to Vegas at 26 weeks and barely made it! I couldn't imagine doing it now! LOL. Get some rest!

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Get some rest Mama! I got tired thinking about doing all that!