visit to L&D

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visit to L&D

Last night (saturday night) I was not feeling so good, couldn't sleep and my stomach was upset. 4am horrible back pain and cramps started. Got out of bed at 7 and had massive amounts of discharge, went through 3 liners in no time. Took a shower and it happened again. Still felt off and super hot despite it being 63 degrees.

Called my doc who thought either my water broke or I had an infection. She sent me to get checked.

They hooked me right up to the monitors and the baby was going nuts, hb over 200 then dropping to 115, I had a fever and my pulse was sky high and I was as red as an apple. Contracting, but nothing over 50.

Once I layed down an hour eveything went normal. Lots of yeast, 2cm dilated and 30% effaced.

Went home and felt great the rest of the day! Of course I can't sleep now!

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Yikes! I'm glad you're feeling better now! Yay for dilation :).