wanna see stretch marks?

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wanna see stretch marks?

Yup, pretty darn bad! Not only do they NEVER go away, but when I'm not preggo they are 10 times darker. Yuck!

I wear them with pride Smile This week I have developed hives on my belly, doesnt help one bit!

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I think I should have tanned my belly, look at the difference!

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My belly looks very similar!

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Hey at least you can still wear your ring!

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They're beautiful reminders of our little miracles when they're not near, right?

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I have em everywhere too but they are dark dark dark purple!

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I never saw any stretch marks with my last pregnancy UNTIL after I gave birth & it was shrinking... then they were everywhere. I'm wondering if it will be the same this time. Hmmm...

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"blondiess4u" wrote:

Hey at least you can still wear your ring!

when we got married (i was 5 months preggo) i was a 4.5 ring size, then had to have it bumped to a 5.5, and couldnt wear it at all during my second pregnancy. But for some reason this time its too big! i use to have to take it off to sleep, even prior to being preggo, but even at night it slips off in bed.

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I have so many stretch marks its not even funny.....I have them on the girls (I assume from growing to a size C by 4th grade), and then my first pregnancy was a twin pregnancy so I have them all the way up to my BBs also...

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They really don't look TOO bad... but you say they are darker when not pregnant? That would be no fun!! I have been very blessed when it comes to stretch marks... I have one! The funny thing about it is that it is the result of ALL my pregnancies!!! It started out as just a tiny thing with my first pregnancy, then just a bit was added on top with each additional pregnancy. I just looked a couple days ago and saw just a tiny little new pink dot on top of it. Sure enough, that is from baby boy... he still have a few more weeks to bake, so he might still be adding a bit more, LOL.

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They don't look too bad! Although hopefully they fade nicely for you this time around ... mine are starting to grow again, hopefully not too much more.

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I have some just like that! With my first they were super dark purple and my tummy looked like it belonged to a tabby cat! This time I guess I'm bigger because they're moving up higher, I only have about 3 inches of stretch markless skin below my boobs, and it's quickly being covered! Luckily for me they lighten up a lot after baby is born.

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I remember during my first pg I wanted a cute belly pic well I looked like a zebra Sad and after number two it was worse and now it is even worse again. Mine get darker after delivery too and never ever fade or go way or anything. Stretch Mark cream etc doesn't do a thing either lol As Ryan said 'a reminder when your kids are not close by' lol