We have a winner!

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We have a winner!

Thanks Ladies! I told DH the results of yesterdays polls(27 total votes between you guys and my other bb). He didnt say much but lastnight he took a red marker and put a big red heart around "KAI" on our list on the fridge and wrote "Kai Robert G...... #3" at the top! Yeah, we have a name!!!! I am so relieved! He said we could actually start calling baby by his name now. I am sooo happy! Baby Kai, it just sounds sooo sweet!
This afternoon I am going to arrange all of his clothes/toys/blankies ect in the dresser and on the changing table shelves in our room. I will probably pack some of that stuff into my hospital bag so I am prepared. And this wknd Shamus is going to put the crib together(we got the crib our friend used for their daughter but it is in pieces). Kai will probably be in our room for about a year so the smaller crib will work for that long. Then we will get bunk beds for the bigger boys and put them all in the same room together so we can keep our playroom. I know I still have over 2 months but today it just feeling so close! Starting to get so excited to meet my littlest guy!

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That's great news!!! Good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Beautiful name! Of course I am partial to Robert Biggrin

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Love the name!!! Biggrin

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oh congrats! Have fun getting stuff ready!!!

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Oh I would be so relieved!! Its so great to feel like things are finally being accomplished!

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Congrats! Great name. I love calling the baby by his name. It makes it so real! You are on a roll and almost a ready! We're putting our crib together this weekend as well!

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Congratulations on choosing a name! Send me some husband-thinks-about-names vibes, please Wink

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love it...

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Congrats on agreeing on the name!

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I'm so happy you were able to decide on a name. It really takes some of the stress away. I remember last time... it took us forever to decide... I thought we might be bringing DD home without a name. :eek:

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Congrats on a name! I think it goes with your other boys names really well! Very cute! I just love calling baby by his name! It's why we've decided on a name the day we found out the gender every time.