Wednesday QOTD

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Wednesday QOTD

What type of birth are you having/wanting? Hospital, Birthing Center, Home birth, etc.

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I'm having a hospital birth since I will be a repeat Csect.

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Hopefully a birth center. That's where I'm at right now, but it's still up in the air as to whether my insurance will cover the "facility" for birth. If my insurance won't cover it, then I will likely end up at the hospital.

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With my son I had a home birth which was amazing & marvelous and everything I hoped for. The after party Wink was awful b/c I had a PPH and had to be transferred to hospital. Blood transfusion, d & c, recovery without DS. It was awful. This time my MW's recommended a hospital birth & b/c my poor DH is so very traumatized from the PPH ( not the home birth at all) we agreed. Then we found out about baby B. While I am very much a natural birther/homebirther at heart I'm also not ballsy enough to have a home birth with twins so I'm glad that a hospital birth was already our decision. Now that being said I plan on being the biggest PITA in regards to "procedure". They can just forget the scare tactics. I'm here so that's enough interventions for me. Anything after that is on a scenario by scenario basis. Just let me birth.

This time my main goal is to have an intervention free twin birth with zero complications & be aloud to leave ASAP or at the very least, recover with my babies. Not in another ward where they are not aloud.

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What I want is a home birth, what I'm doing is a hospital birth. My insurance covers the hospital 100% and nothing for a home birth or birthing center, and I can't justify spending that type of money on myself.

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I want a water birth but I don't want to be in a birthing center or at home. I am terrified of something going wrong. I just found a hospital that does water births and can't wait to go and check it out once we move.

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I will have this baby at a hospital, but it's one with a birthing center IN the hospital. I had DD at the same place and I LOVED it Smile Completely covered by insurance!

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hospital for us w/VBAC and epidural.
Closest is 40 miles away, so I wouldn't risk a home birth since it's so far away.

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Hospital birth for me.

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We are too far away from a hospital for a homebirth... my hospital is a an hour drive away. Definately having a hospital birth and getting an EPIDURAL this time!!! My last birth was 45 minutes after my water broke and I didn't have time for pain relief, do not want a repeat of that experience so hoping I get a doctor that will induce, otherwise I'll probably just sign up for a csection.

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Hospital! I like to be there in case anything goes wrong. I'm not taking any chances!

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Hospital birth with hypnbirthing techniques. I probably will get an epideral in the end. but I would like to make it as long as I can without. I made it to 8cm last time and labor was fast so I'm hoping it's even faster this time. Plus, I didn't have any birthing class last time so maybe I'll do better!

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repeat repeat c-section. Smile So hospital.

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In-hospital birthing center using hypnobirthing techniques. I'd love to use a birthing center, but since I had pre-term labor last time, I can't so this hospital was closest thing we could find. So thankful that my OB delivers there!

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Hospital with epidural but hoping for no other interventions Smile

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Definately having the baby in the hospital. With DD they gave me my own room that was like a suite! Best Hospital in the area.

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Hospital with hopefully no interventions. Fortunately they are very natural birth friendly around here.

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all natural hospital birth

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We are planning an all natural hospital birth as well.

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Hospital for me! Had 2 hospitals with my boys and had such great experiences - loved the doctors and nurses, felt very comfortable. Having ending up in a C Section with #1 and knowing there are still risks even though it will be my 2nd VBAC I'm not one to take any risks. I want to know the doctors are close by.

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Same here Ryan. I havent had any complications but I am more comfortable knowing that the docs are close in case anything goes wrong. I think I would be a nervous wreck at home with no monitoring. I hope everyone gets the birth they are dreaming of!

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I'm having a hospital birth. I'll also probably have an epidural. If they offer it, I'll have a light epidural so that I can still walk and move as labor progresses.