Wednesday QOTD

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Wednesday QOTD

Do you pack panties for the hospital or just wear the ones they provide?

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I just wore the ones they provided last time... & loved it. I will do the same this time. No reason to mess up my good ones. Biggrin

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I wore the hospital ones last time, I agree, no point messing up my nice ones.

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I've never even heard of someone wearing their own panties in the hospital lol. Those stretchy mesh ones are not only practical... They're sexy! Okay JK they're not sexy at all!

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With #1 I wore the hospital ones. I agree if they are available wear them. With #2 as I had her at home I just some big cheap ones I could throw away. If you do go into hospital here they really don't provide you with anything. You have to take it all with you, even maternity pads, diapers, formula, blankets, hats.

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I wore the hospital ones, but brought some cheap big ones, too Smile

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I hate the hospital ones, I found they didn't fit me well so I just take maternity underwear and it's way more comfortable. I usually only have white underwear so if there are any accidents I can just bleach it out. I guess it depends on your size with the mesh underwear!

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I didn't even think of this with DS, so I wore the ones they provided. I hated them, so I will be bringing my own.

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The ones at the hospital were hilarious!!!! Loved them...mesh is definitely where its at! lol I brought some to the hospital but didn't wear them...probably do the same with this LO.

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Totally off topic but this thread reminded me. I so wish before I had my first someone had told me how much blood loss and how bad the afterpains would be after delivery. I was completely shocked and a little scared. Maybe I was friends with the wrong people lol but women IRL just don't seem to talk about that kind of thing.

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I honestly do not remember them offering me panties at the hospital last time, but I know my MIL bought me some big granny panties and I used those with the mile long pads the hospital provides to you. Worked great so I may just end up buying some more of those! Mesh panties just don't sound comfortable.

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Last time I took my own and I wore them on the way home, but at the hospital I wore the ones they gave me, I think.

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I wore the ones from the hospital. I think I usually bring one pair "in case" but never end up needing them.

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I will take one pair to wear home...otherwise I will wear the mesh ones. I have no desire to mess up my own (granny panties or otherwise)..

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They don't provide them here either. But hey, my panties are already stretching out, so I'll just wear them. I lost 22 pounds the first week after Mélodie and 40 within the first month. I had no use for my pregnancy panties after.

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I love these QOTD! Makes me think about things I wouldn't. Smile

I probably will pack 1 or 2 pair just cause it feels wrong not to pack underwear. I only buy black underwear anyways. No chance of getting ruined.