Wednesday QOTD

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Wednesday QOTD

Have you had any strange cravings during this pregnancy? What was it? Are you still having cravings of any kind?

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No but I never have had weird cravings. I have things that sound good but if I don't have it then I wouldn't bother going to the store to get it.

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Nothing strange. I don't crave stuff anymore, but I do WANT things. I've wanted pancakes for the last couple of weeks, but I don't *need* them if that makes sense!

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I feel like my cravings are gone... for the moment.

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I didn't get craving with this pregnancy, but I have been enjoying salads, angel hair pasta with a lemon sauce and fruit. I wish I could crave something late at night so at least once DF had to go out and get it for me. I think he has had more craving then me.

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Nothing 'strange'

Cherry limeades from Sonics mostly.

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nothing strange.......I was craving grilled cheese sandwiches for several days and kept forgetting to get A lady that I work with brought me some last Thursday at work.

Also before I got pregnant I used to drink an energy drink every morning at work and of course I haven't had one since, well the other day one of the girls I work with opened my FAVORITE one and I took a small sip.....yeah I know bad momma...

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Not really. I have random "i need that" cravings. DH and I just started eating Indian food and I crave that all.the.time now.

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Nothing strange. I haven't really wanted Chinese food this entire time, but lately I have really been eating a lot of dairy.

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Been craving milk which is super unusual for me. But nothing weird.

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Nothing weird, but I'm still eating fruit constantly. I always like fruit and I eat a lot of it but while I'm pregnant that's ALL I want.

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Nothing strange, but I did HAVE to have poutine today, it was yummy!