Wednesday QOTD

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Wednesday QOTD

What kind of climate/temperature will your area have when your LO is born?

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It will be Fall here & the temps are usually cooler. Adults usually need to wear long sleeves & pants/jeans... & jackets/coats in the evenings & first thing in the mornings.

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Generally it's cooler Fall temps. Long sleeves but not heavy jackets....having said that, there's always wierd days where it hits 75. I know some Halloweens we've had to put layers under Abby's costumes and others we've been sweating to death.

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My answer is the same as Anita's since we live about 20 miles from each other! However, I think it'll still be warm this year. The end of September/early October can be a little hot sometimes!

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it's normaly cold here with temps in the high 50's and rain at the end of Oct. right around the 2nd week of Oct we have to kick the heat on at night. Most halloween's are cold and raining but we lucked out this last one and it was only cold no rain.

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Mine is the same as Anita.

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My favorite! Fall in WNY!!!!!!!

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"scotty620" wrote:

My favorite! Fall in WNY!!!!!!!

lol, I know the feeling, I'm Eastern NY though!

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I'll probably deliver in mid-late september so it might be nice out still, but October starts getting cooler so I will definitely be bundling baby up in sleepers and swaddle blankets. Hopefully it is still nice enough to go on walks for awhile!

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With TX weather you never know. I remember the end of September last year was hot and humid, but the beginning of October was great fall weather in the 70's and 80's and felt wonderful!

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I'm in the same boat as Jennifer. With the south you never know what's going to happen in October. I know last year the week before halloween was so hot I was worried DD1 would burn up in her monkey costume. Luckily it cooled off for halloween and by the first weekend in November (the fair) both of my girls were wearing double layers, hats, and the little one had a blanket in the stroller.
I'll probably have him around the third week of October, so I expect it to be around 70s/80s for about 2 weeks, then go into the 60s.

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70's and even a few lower 80's. But dry heat as it's a desert here in NM. Very nice!! Smile

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In southern Alberta mid Oct can be anything from +30 to -40, depending on the year (and sometimes the day).

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I'm in Texas as well.....I know last yr my kids were still wearing shorts to school well in to November soooo...I'm expecting to probably NOT need warm warm things until baby is a good month or so old.

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mid-late October is usually in the 50's/60's, perfect weather! its the best month of the year in NY

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"AimeeLynne" wrote:

lol, I know the feeling, I'm Eastern NY though!

isnt October awesome here!!! its so fresh and crisp! i cant wait Smile

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It's hard to say here. I am in the mountains so sometimes it had been quite cool by the end of September/early October. Other times it had still felt very warm. I'll just have to wait and see. Smile

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Could be sunny and 60's, could be rainy or even snow and cold. You just can't tell here.

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No idea. Never lived in northern Tennessee before lol

Looking at the weather channel... average highs of 72* and lows of 45* average rainfall 3.25"

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Good question! It's always pretty mild here, but October could bring anything. Could be a Santa Ana and be in the 90s, could be raining and in the 60s. Even on hot days it's cool in the evening.