Wednesday QOTD

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Wednesday QOTD

What has been the biggest change from the 2nd trimester to the 3rd trimester that you've noticed so far?

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I've noticed my belly is changing faster than before. I'm also starting to freak out mentally about getting everything done. I'm not sure if its just my nesting instinct overwhelming me or if my pg hormones are going crazy.

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Other than my belly, I think my hormones went nuts some last week. I was super emotional, but today I seemed quite resolved to get things done and seem to have a level head.

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Actually gaining weight Smile And Oct is seeming an awful lot closer on this side of 30 weeks.

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Being uncomfortable! As soon as my belly got big, the heartburn started, my LO kicks me in the ribs and now I am just ready for a baby as before I was just consumed in being pregnant.

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nothing really...

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I am SO tired!!!! Ugh I get home from work and just want to crash! Hormones definitely come in a close second (never had hormonal issues like this with DS), then being uncomfortable!

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I haven't noticed much either. I've been uncomfortable for a long time, not sleeping for a long time, and having terrible acid reflux for a long time. haha. I'm also not freaked out yet by how close it is.
ETA: I did have to take off my rings on Sunday Sad This is my third pregnancy and I've NEVER had to do that before. I know it's because it's so hot and humid and it's contributing, but it made me mad.

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My stomach hurts (like it gets tender around my belly button). The movements have gotten more forceful (sometimes I can see his elbows and knees poking out). I'm slowing down, in general. And I'm getting some minor swelling.

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He moves.

All. The. Time. Makes my uterus sore.

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Migraines, migraines, migraines. Ughhhh!

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She pushes under my ribs when she doesn't have enough room. If I push down on her butt to get her out of my ribs, she pushes back. It's uncomfortable, but really awesome to have that interaction with her. I am also really heavy into nesting mode. It's great!

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I felt pretty great my second trimester. Now my hips are really starting to hurt! Sometimes I can barely walk without holding back tears. And I've only gained about 10 lbs so that should make it better right? Well...I guess not lol.