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Wednesday QOTD

Are you considering making your own baby food? If you already have children, did you do it before?

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Yes. I made DD's food & I plan to do the same with this LO. It was super easy & it was something I always wanted to do. Gotta love those Baby Bullet commercials... All I used was a potato masher or food processor when I needed it. Smile

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Absolutely! I did it with DD and it was SOOOOOOOOO easy and inexpensive!

I also didn't buy any of the 'high tech' baby-food-making stuff. Just a pot, metal strainer for steaming certain veggies, food processor, and ice cube trays. Easy peasy! Biggrin

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DH actually made most of it Smile Planning on the same thing again.

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I wasn't able to with DS due our living situation. But I plan, and I'm super excited about, making my own food for DD!

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Did last time and will again. As you all said so easy and cheap Smile

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I made some of DD's food, and I bought some of it. It worked out well!

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With DD I made some for home, but used the store bought for childcare. This time I am SAH, so I plan to make it all. So easy and cheap. I also didn't have any fancy equipment. Ice cube trays, metal steamer, food processor or potato masher. Butternut squash and sweet potatos are probably the easiest other than bananas.

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Well, I feel bad now. I am not planning on making babyfood. I am not sure I would have time. Honestly, I am not sure I would have any idea where to start.

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Maybe. Depends on how much this LO likes to eat and if I am home more or not. DS breastfed for a long time and never liked to eat anything else so I never had to use any baby food. I am not worried about the cost of buying it and we don't have a garden to pick from so probably will be buying it this time. If anyone has any reccomendations on baby food brands that are better, I'd love to get an idea of what I will be getting. I have noticed alot of new products on the market!

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Yep definately going to make baby food.

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I never made any with my older 4......I did with Cole but not pureed. Once he could pick up chunks of food I did some avacado, squash, sweet potatoes in chunks but thats about it. I get WIC and they do give some on it starting at 6 or 8 months. But I will most likely be buying it all this time.

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Yes & yes. It's way cheaper and once you get the hang of things then it is no trouble. Plus I liked knowing exactly what I was feeding my baby.

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Yep, I made it both times with the girls and will do it again. I love paying 86cents for bananas and getting a ton of food. Smile I just bake (I did steam with my first, but started baking most everything with the second) and put in my food processor and use ice cube trays too.

"Melba1" wrote:

Well, I feel bad now. I am not planning on making babyfood. I am not sure I would have time. Honestly, I am not sure I would have any idea where to start.

It is REALLY easy. You'd be shocked how easy really. If you do it all in one day you can have 2-3 weeks of food for only a 2 hours of work. Check out and when the time comes ask questions! Even if you just do the easy stuff (Sweet potatoes, bananas, avocado, squash are the EASIEST...almost no work).

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We don't do baby food, solids aren't introduced until the child is old enough to chew it themselves.

We had a licensed daycare and part of our district's nutrition policy is not to give baby food to the kids. They either get a bottle or age appropriate finger foods(and they have a booklet on what is age appropriate).
So I got used to never doing baby food and when I had DS I just followed that policy.

I've always been pleased with that method, I think it is also referred to as "baby led solids" sometimes? Whatever it is called, I prefer it to the hassle and mess of pureed foods.

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We made it every once in a while with DD, adn it's so much cheaper to do it who knows. I will probably do half and half.

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Just thought I'd add I don't do baby food for very long AT ALL. WIth my 1st 2 I was really picky and we went through all the stages and whatnot. With DS#3 he used to SPIT baby food out at me and point at what his borthers were eating STARTING AT ABOUT 6 MONTHS OLD!!! So I bought him a high chair, stuck him in it and put cheerios on the try. Once I saw he could pick thme up himself I let him have whatever th older 2 had. He also started refusing a bottle at 8ish months and would only take formula in a cup until about 10 months. AT about 9 months daycare asked me if I was ok with them just giving him table food because he wouldn't eat bay food for them either.

DD started eating baby food at 4ish months but by 7 was on table food. She also started refusing formula and the bottle at about 10 months.

DS#4 ate the pureed stuff for all of a month......then I started giving him things he could pick up himself. Only difference with him was he was ALL ABOUT THE BOTTLE......we went down to just nap, car, or bed at 12 months but he didn't give it up completely until almost 2 and I was ok with that.

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Yes and no. We don't really "do" baby food. Starting around 7 months or a bit earlier perhaps if this one seems really ready we just introduce "regular" soft foods. So, we start with natural applesauce for the first week. Then the next week we do ripe mashed banana with a bit of water mixed in to make it creamier. After a couple weeks of applesauce and banana we will do regular instant oatmeal (not the baby kind). Once baby has the hang of this they are pretty much able to handle a wide variety of mashed up "real" food. So, at that point we just start giving baby bits of mashed stuff off of our plates. So, that's how we handle "baby food" at our house. Smile

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"Melba1" wrote:

Well, I feel bad now. I am not planning on making babyfood. I am not sure I would have time. Honestly, I am not sure I would have any idea where to start.

lol don't feel bad! I did it because I felt so guilty that I wasn't able to BF, I figured that if I could make her food I could somehow make up for that. Weird, I know lol

If you do decide to make it tho, it really is super easy, so any questions you have feel free to ask!

Sundays were my 'baby food making day'. I'd block out a few hours (2 TOPS). Steam or boil the veggies, mash them up, stick them in the freezer, and when they were frozen, I'd toss the frozen cubes into a freezer bag.

Here's a great website if it's something any of y'all are considering but aren't sure where to start or what to do:

But don't feel guilty if you decide to do store bought baby food. And remember that they stay to start solids at 6 months BUT at 6 months NONE of the food you give them is for nutrition. It is ONLY for letting them 'practice' eating. 9 times out of 10, most of the food you feed them will end up ON their tummy instead of IN their tummy, and that's totally okay. You should continue feeding breast milk or formula at the same rate that you were feeding them before you starting introducing solids. Biggrin

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Yep, btdt before with both my boys and will do it again. I think it is good for them to eat more whole/real food. Besides, it isnt hard at all and it is much much less expensive than buying baby food in jars. We do jars for convenience when we are away or out and about. But at home I just make up a bunch of different batches of food and freeze it into ice cube trays then put it into freezer bags to store it. It is easy to set it out on the counter an hour or so before feeding and it is ready to go. Or if you are in a hurry you can put it in a metal dish and put it into a hot water bath or even the microwave for a view seconds. I just use a kitchenaid mini mixer/chopper thing to blend the food after steaming it. Very simple really.

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If anyone has any reccomendations on baby food brands that are better, I'd love to get an idea of what I will be getting. I have noticed alot of new products on the market!

According to "Baby Bargains":

They rated some of the best known name brands. Rated based on how healthy, how much they are like real food (aroma appearance taste)

Beech-Nut B+ (
Earth's Best (organic) A (
Gerber C (
Healthy Times (certified organic and contains no soy, flour, or other fillers) A- (
Nature's Goodness A (

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I never did it with DS, although I always thought about it. It was one of those things that I just didn't really have time to do. If I can maybe research it, maybe I can do it with this LO, but I guess I won't know till I try! Biggrin

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My second would never eat jarred food. She wouldn't take breast milk from a bottle either. She was eating "regular" food full time by 10 months. We started introducing "real" food around 8 months I think. We didn't introduce food until 5.5 months (with both..I've found it's a good place with my kids) so she was only eating purees for a few months.

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With DD I really didn't do too many purees. I waited until she was able to mimic our feeding actions... Such as opening her mouth when we were eating. We would always have her at the table in her highchair while we were eating. She was a bit over 6 mo when she started mimicking. So we started on bananas. I used spoons for some of her foods but I mostly tried to let her get used to feeding herself in a safe manner. I love those netted food holders that I can't remember the name of right now. I tried to keep some texture in most foods.... Again as long as it was safe. She did really well. I'm hoping to have the same success with DS. Smile

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I made all the baby food for my first 2. But neither of my kids were big into baby food. I tried right at 6 months with DS and he wanted nothing to do with it. He had no interest in solids until table food around 8 or 9 months. So we did a lot of modified table foods. DD was exactly the same (except I didn't try as hard because I knew it was pointless lol), she didn't care for baby food and went right to table food at about 8-9 months. I actually asked a lactation consultant about this and she said she's seen this before and it just meant I had butter milk lol. Which is totally true, I EBF and they turn right into butterballs :p.