Wednesday QOTD

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Wednesday QOTD

Did you or are you scheduling newborn portraits? What props are your favorites (hats, flower headband, sleeping in baskets, etc)?

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I'm a photographer....sometimes I hesitate to call myself that b/c I've been doubting myself a lot lately. At any rate, I'll do newborn photos a lot in the first few weeks. However, if I wasn't a photographer, I'd be scheduluing a true newborn session 1-2 weeks after birth. They really only have that "newborn" appearance for just a little while.
Props...I'll probably try get something with a pumpking. I already have a "nest", but I usually prefer simple, soft backdrops that focus on baby's features.
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I won't be doing professional photos, but I'll be hopefully taking lots of my own.

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My DH is just breaking into the "professional photographer" thing and can't wait to take pictures. Wink He's been doing photography as a hobby a long time and just decided he wanted to do "more". I crochet, so Egan has a ton of hats too. I also did a blanket...we'll have to see what else we'll find.

I wouldn't do professional pictures otherwise though. I haven't had professional pictures of the girls, just the ones we've done. Smile

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Partner is Photographer

My hubby will be taking the pictures. They will be nice and simple pictures--no props.

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We'll be doing our own newborn pictures. I'll take the two girls to Walmart for Christmas photos together a couple of weeks later. I dont want to wait too long because dd3 got major acne and I ended up throwing her Christmas pictures in the garbage she looked so bad!!

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We have never done professional newborn photos but a good friend is semi-prof photographer and has said he will try out his new camera with Kai but he has never done newborn shots before so we will see how they come out!

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I booked newborn portraits last time & this time.

We didn't really use much in the way of props last time. I wish I would've gotten some of those cute flower hats & headbands. Last time was a friend & we were her first newborn session... so we were practice.

This time I'm using a more seasoned photographer. She has props but I'm not sure what we will use. I'm not in to anything cheesy. Nice & simple.

My fav last time was a great shot of DD crying... still one of my favs.

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Nah. I enjoy photography as a hobby (tho I prefer nature pics over people pics and I'm super out of practice with everything with all the moving we've been doing since May). I'll probably try to take some pictures myself but nothing professional and no props or anything, just pictures of him and maybe some of him and DD if she'll cooperate. She's at that stage where she runs from the camera.

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DH or I will take some pics of him when he's new, and a friend of mine wants to take some as well. Nothing fancy.

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Nope I don't think so, but we do get them @ 3, 6, and 12months.