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Wednesday QOTD

Hope this one wasn't done!

Do you plan on having a lot of guests at the hospital and at home the days following delivery? Or do you wish to have it be just your immediate family?

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I would love to only have my children and husband at the hospital, I don't like a busy crowded room. My Mom is coming oct 30-nov 3, she only sees the kids a couple times a year, so hopefully the inlaws, who see the kids weekly, will let me mom have some time alone with the kids during her visit. They tend to not quite understand that they are not the only grandparents and don't play any bigger a role them my parents.

As fart as friends, I only have a couple that would bother visitng.

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it works differently in India..u have no choice but to have lots of family and guests !!!!

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My friend just happens to be here from Calgary (found out this morning!!) until the 28 and I'm having her the 25 so shell probably have to see me at the hospital as they are only here for three days. My best friend will hopefully visit, and my other nit close friend works across the street and said shed visit on her lunch break. Otherwise I'll get a visit from the inlaws *sigh* and my sil and her kids. That'll be enough!!!

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I followed the hospital rule of only fathers, grandparents and siblings ... however, if I have #3 and get yet another roommate who breaks the rules, I'll have everyone I know up to visit.

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I am expecting to have quite a few visitors. My DH and I both have large families and for the most part they will all stop by to visit. I would love to just have some time at the hospital with my DH, girls and the new baby before receiving a lot of visitors. We will see what happens.

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Good thing is....

My husband and I have no family in the immediate area. His family lives mostly in New York, and my family lives mostly in Oklahoma. That being said, it would be nice to have immediate family nearby so that they could be here to see David when he's just born. But what can we do? My mom will be coming to stay with us from November 1 to the 7th, I believe. My husband's parents won't get to see the baby until December. Sad

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I don't plan on anyone else besides family, but people always show up (which is okay with me). There's a limit to 5 or 6 people at a time I think, and I really don't want kids coming though (besides my son).

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I plan on having my parent's-- DH's parents and siblings and that's about it. It's okay if some people like my close friends want to visit (esp since the hospital is literally like 5 min from my job) but when I get home, I don't want to be bombarded with guests....I'm actually having a small baby viewing get together in November to have extended fam come over and see the baby.

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Last time we had only family...and barely that. This time I'm feeling more prepared b/c I know I'll be in hospital this time as opposed to my emergency transfer last time. I don't mind some visitors as long as they aren't squeamish about BOOBS!!!! I hate when people come to visit a new Mom & act weirdo about the tiny flash of boob. Relax...

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I live a long way from my family, they are all in Ohio. My Mom would love to be here for the birth but she is an OB nurse and I know she would feel the need to take charge of the situation and wouldnt leave us alone for 2 min!
I am having the baby in a bigger hospital that is 1 1/2 hours from my home so most of my friends will wait to meet the baby until after we are home. The boys will be with a friend in that town and will probably only visit once. I have two other local friends who will probably pop in to see the baby but not stay long. If my MIL is in town she will come down and see us and hang out with our older boys. My SIL will be my birth coach(she was for my other two boys too) but she will only be there for the birth then go home afterwards. I am planning to have my 15 yrold niece in the labor/delivery room too. She is really interested and is really mature for her age so I am excited to share this experience with her.

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Just Dh and the boys. All of our family lives far away so they are waiting until the baby is born to visit. My ILs are driving and they will be here a few days after we come home from the hospital; when DH has to go back to work.

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Last time it was my DH and my best friend in the labor room and we didn't have any visitors other than the best friend. My sister got married down south a few days prior so no family was up for the birth. This go 'round, my parents are flying in 4 days before my due date, so they'll bring DD up to the room. I'm delivering 40 miles from where I live, so I'm assuming no one is going to really want to treck it down there.

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Jules I think having your niece there is amazing. What a wonderful experience!!! She's a lucky girl.

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The in-laws will be here with DD while we're in the hospital so they'll be here obviously (not IN the delivery room and probably not at the hospital all that much hopefully... I can't stand when people hover in hospitals... I'd rather them wait till after he's born and bring DD down to see Owen, then stay for a bit, then leave and come back to our house). I'm sure I'll have a few friends who might stop in at the hospital, but the rest of the family lives to far away. My dad and step mom are coming up the last week of October. My mom and grandma are coming up for Thanksgiving but they might sneak up for just 2 or so days before then just to see Owen.

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My mom and friend Liz were with me from 9am until delivery. Then my mom left to come home to the other kids and Liz stayed with me (minus the 30 min when she went to get Mickey d's) At about 7ish my mom brought all the other kids up and they stayed for about 20 min. Liz stayed until about 9ish pm. Then it was just me and baby girl until my mom, Cole and Cheyann came to get us Sat afternoon.

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It all depends on how long I have to stay. If everything goes as planned I'll be in and out quick and I won't need visitors. If I end up having to stay longer then my mom will definitely bring my babies (for as long as my 2 and 3 year old can stand Lol because I absolutely cannot go a whole day without seeing them! And my MIL will probably stop by after work for a few minutes. I really don't care who comes or if they come to be honest, I'm super easy going. Well except for my kids, I insist they come if I'm there longer than 24 hours.