Weekend QOTD

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Weekend QOTD

What is your favorite lotion for yourself? How about your favorite lotion for your LO?

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I'm allergic to most scents so I use a fragrance free lotion... Currently Curel brand.

For DD, I use Burts Bees buttermilk lotion (it doesn't smell anything like the name). It smells wonderful. She uses the same brand shampoo/wash too. Love it!!!

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For me, I just use something gentle. I like things with 'flavors' too, but use them more rarely.

For DD, we use Eucarin - she has some eczema.

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I like Dancing Waters by Bath and Body, but rarely use it b/c smelly stuff makes DH sneeze. Otherwise it's just regular non scented lotion - whatever brand I happen to grab

DD I did use J&J stuff now she just uses mine.

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I use Eucerin or Curel which ever I have around. For the boys I either put baby oil in the tub so I don't have to lotion them or burts bees.

When pregnant I use bio oil to prevent stretch marks and so far I have none from pregnancy. I do have some stretch marks on my hips from when I grew 5'' in a summer so I know I can get them.

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I use whatever happens to be around......for my hands (especially during the winter and because of how much I wash them at work) I have to use something for SUPER dry skin.

My DD LOVES any brand that has the sweet pea scent. I don't think my boys ever use lotion, except the youngest and he uses whatever his nana or I use. For the new baby I hope to get lots of bedtime bath and lotion from my baby shower......J & J also has a new one that is something and apple and it smells good.....

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I love lotion!!! I use all different kids and lather up regularly! I have alot of bath and body works, but now that I'm pregnant, I try to use something less harsh like cetaphil or jergens natural. For the belly I like Tree hut shea butter. It works wonders! I also like Burtsbee Mama bee products expecially the pepermint leg lotion and the belly balm!

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I hardly if ever use any lotion on my skin, I never have dry skin, except for my hands in the winter once in awhile. We only have aveeno/johnson's in the house.

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Hand lotion I use Aveda but it's very scented so I can only use it when not pregnant.
Body lotion I love Live Clean Argan oil lotion. It's amazing!

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I'm pretty addicted to lotion, so I use tons of different kinds. I'm using Nivea right now, while I'm not pg I love victoria secret lotion, smells so yummy!

On DS I use Eucerin where his skin is super dry and cetaphil where it isn't, he has eczema. With DD I still use Johnson's/Burt's.

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For myself I love Body shop body butters, they are the only thing that keeps my skin from getting so dry it cracks. For dd, we use Johnsons unscented.

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I'm a coca butter girl!! Palmers coco butter is the best, I love the smell, and no stretch marks so far! With DS I used Aveno baby.