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Weekend QOTD

How are you celebrating Father's Day?

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We are just getting back from vacation so I'm not sure. I'm hoping we will have enough energy to go out for a casual dinner as a family. We will probably go visit my dad for a bit too. We just vacationed with DH's step dad so we won't do anything extra there. We are giving cards with restaurant gift certificates as gifts. For DH, I'm still hoping to do some painted hand prints of DD's hands. That's about it here.

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The kids bought DH a ton of socks which is all he said he wanted. Going to visit my parents at the cottage and bring my step-dad peanut butter cookies which he loves! Smile Trying to think of something neat that Clara could do for her Dad... hmmm... He's a farmer so he's super busy in the fields right now and we don't see him much... I think he'll be busy tomorrow as well since the weather is looking good.

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We're both working, but I did pick up a card for him from Annabelle, and a card from little miss wigglebottom.

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We have been doing some crafts this week that my DH has been out of town. I was going to detail his truck but I will be lucky to have the house picked up. He doesnt get home till late Sun night so it will probably be a dinner Monday evening after work so it is likely not to be too special.

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NOTHING!!! The kids will likely call their dad. And I will call my dad, he lives 4 hours away and it's not possible for us to make it up there sooooo......that's it. We are BBQing tomorrow but it's for my moms Bday which happens to be Fathers Day this year.

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We're not doing anything too crazy. DD will give DH a card, and we have a present for him that won't arrive til Monday (oops). We'll either grill or go out. I am planning on getting DH something small for tomorrow, too.. Maybe just a candy bar Smile

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I bought DH a father-to-be father's day card (which he picked up and tried to read the other night :rolleyes:). That's all I've got going here.

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Dh works weekends so we aren't doing too much. The kids will each draw him a picture and I'll get steaks and stuff for a BBQ. We got him an expensive grill last year so we agreed that would count as this years present too :).

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We spent the driving home from vacation. I got DH a Superdry t-shirt for fathers day so I could wrap it up small and smuggle it away with us without him knowing. Just got home have so much laundry to do. The girls went to bed at about 9pm and have school and preschool tomorrow. Thankfully DH took tomorrow off also. I have completely lost my ankles from sitting in a car for too long lol Not a very special fathers day sadly.

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We went out for dinner last night at our favorite restaurant and splurged on a special meal. Today I got him father's day card with his favorite local dessert. Tonight I made dinner, which a very rare event.

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We went to panama city beach wed. - sat. He got a card today and I wasmgoing to frame a picture of him and DD from the beach and glue sea shells around it but I didn't get any good pics of the two of them and when we were in the craft store looking for picture frames, DD saw some make-your-own stepping stone things and put in for one of those. Didn't have time to do it today for him, so he and DD will donthat together tomorrow afternoon after he gets off work. I figure we will do her hand print on it and write the date and they can decorate it with sea glass.

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Went to DH's baseball game and later got blue crabs, crab legs, pasta salad, and corn on the cob to make for him-- relaxed with the family the rest of the day...It was nice!

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Was a nice weekend b/c it was DH's Saturday off. He picked out and bought the weed eater he wanted and we did yard work. Sunday I have him a small tool set from DD and myself and she presented him with her glittery/sticker card. She wrote "Daddy" by herself and drew a pic of him on the inside. He grilled food the entire weekend and we worked on building the cucumber trellis.....Sounds like I put him to work all weekend, but it's what we enjoy doing together. He's not a sit on the sofa kind of guy. We did watch "True Grit" last night. He's been dying to see it. Good movie.