Weekend QOTD

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Weekend QOTD

Are you doing anything exciting this weekend? Some of us will be celebrating 3 day weekends due to the holiday.

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Our weekend is packed (I wish it was a bit more relaxed).

Sat - Our nephew's 3rd bday party (45 min away) then taking DD to a local fair on the way home.

Sun - We will be spending the afternoon & part of the evening at my in laws (1 hour 15 min away)... & we just saw them the day before at the bday party... but I'm not bitter. Wink

Mon - 4th of July - Taking DD to see fireworks nearby

Tues - DH's bday... his 40th. :eek:

I know that's a bit beyond the weekend but...

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Well tomorrow our doggie finally gets to come home. She is still paralyzed in her back legs, but we are going to try our best to manage. We're also going to use this weekend to try to get the house cleaned spotless and all in order for the baby. This is our only free weekend until the end of August so we're going to shampoo the carpet in the nursery and get the changing table put together. Nothing fun really, just a lot of work!

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We're going to a carnival tomorrow! Smile

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nothing tomorrow.....Sunday I work......Monday I work and we are BBQing....thats it

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DH works weekends and it's supposed to be in the 100's through Tuesday. Since DH will have our only car we're going to stay I side and try not to burn up!

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We don't have anything major planned. The biggest thing on the books is probably to get DD's big girl bed (twin, she's been in a toddler bed for a year) set up!

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Yesterday we had a family Canada day bbq, today I work and tomorrow is just chilling at home with dd.

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I worked all day today. Tonight we have a show to go see that my 9yr old daughter is in. So we won't get home till gone 10pm. Then working all day tomorrow too 9am till 6pm. Then no July 4th for us here much to my DH's disgust so school and stuff.

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We have a few things going on at church this weekend, but the big news is that we are heading to South Carolina for a week long vacation at the beach on Sunday. I can't wait!

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Friday - Canada Day, off work, celebration stuff, fair and then Robbie to my MIL's, date night for us
Saturday - grocery shopping
Sunday - family/6th birthday photos
Monday - back to work Sad

all week end long DTD as I am fertile Biggrin