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Weekend QOTD

What is your favorite outdoor activity in the summer? What is your favorite outdoor summer activity with kids? How often do you get to do the activity?

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Definitely BBQs! We do them quite a bit, usually every other weekend or so. Carne asada and homemade tortillas! Yum!

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Just chilling out in the backyard, I am looking forward to taking dd to the Stampede next year though.

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We love going to the beach and BBQ'ing. Obviously the beach isn't happening now like it was before we moved. And sadly neither is BBQ'ing since we're in an apartment and don't have a fenced in yard. Plus it's just too darned hot around here to do much outside. Heat index was 105* the other day with about 90% humidity :eek:

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I love to swim and lay on the beach. I usually get to go about once per summer. Sad

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We love to take the girls to DQ once a week, they love it because there are other kids there AND they get to eat ice cream :} We also do BBQ's once a month with Dh's family and my brothers during the summer.

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Love to go on hikes or more so nature walks with the kids! Also love anything that has to do with being outside and water, minus big amounts of water like lakes. Lots of gardening too.

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Laying out in the hammock reading. My fav activity to do with DD is watching her while she plays with DH on the creek outside my family's mountain house (all the stones are too unstable for me to get in now and play with them.) We usually go up there like 4-5 times a year. At home we do a lot of BBQ's so that's always fun.