Weekend QOTD

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Weekend QOTD

How important is football in your house? NFL, College? What team(s)? Is it just the guys or do you & the girls watch as well? Do you have viewing parties?

If you aren't a football family, what sport/team does your family rally around?

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Football season is huge in our house. I LOVE IT! Prior to having DD, we used to go to every home Virginia Tech game... Love tailgating! I can't wait until we can get our family settled enough to go back.

I'm more of a NFL fan though. DH doesn't have to ask for the NFL tv package to be ordered because I do it. So Sunday afternoons, we are camped out in front of the tv. DH & I both grew up Dolphin fans but I enjoy watching Peyton Manning's playing style so I follow the Colts too. The only time we usually have viewing parties is for the Superbowl.

Other sports just aren't as big in this house.

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We are not a big football household, but we do enjoy Virginia Tech football as long as we aren't stuck in the VT football traffic!!

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Not a big football family. Only sport we're both into is MMA.

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Ice Hockey for me Red Wings fan all the way. DH loves hockey too but the Avs but his fav sport is Nascar. He will watch NFL if it is on. I was raised with Rugby so just dont get football, too much padding lol Dana my hubby does MMA and karate. Still only getting online at starbucks hopefully 2 weeks to having net. Although i am off to my sisters mon to thurs so will try to catch up more then.

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football is HUGE in our house.......of course we are in Texas and the state as a whole is HUGE in to football. We do watch NFL, my mom is a Cowboys fan...through and through....she always has been and always will be. I enjoy watching NFL but would much rather watch MY boys play.

That said all 3 of my oldest play football. Kodey and Kaleb will be playing their first yr of Jr High ball this yr, and Cameron plays for parks and rec. Cam had his first practice last night......Kodey and Kaleb have equipment draw today and we have a parent meeting, their practice starts Mon after school and will be M-F. Cam practices M, Tues

My DD has already said she wants to play tackle football next yr when she is in 3rd grade. I will pay for her to play to see if she likes it...

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Hockey...DH roots for the Canucks.

I don't care for sports but if he's watching a big hockey game I'll watch too cause DS loves it.

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Go Browns!! We usually get together every Sunday for game day, have some food and drinks.

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I hate watching sports on TV, and we don't have TV either(haven't for years and won't ever be adding it)... so football is a mute point, as are all the other sports.

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It isnt important at all, that is one of the things I love about my DH, he played lots of sports but doesnt sit and watch them, in fact, we dont even watch regular tv in our house at all, just Netflix movies every few days.
That said, my DH is taking my boys to their first Oregon State football game in a couple weeks, if it is OSU then he gets excited about it but a game or two a year in person is about the extent of it. I even like to goto a live game though, it is always a fun outing.

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What's football? Smile My hubby agrees.

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We watch college football. Georgia Bulldogs Biggrin We, meaning me and DH. When he was deployed and couldn't watch games last season I kept him up to speed on what was going on. Yes, I sat in my house alone and watched college football and yelled at the TV lol

NFL I don't care for.

During the olympics I'm big into gymnastics Biggrin

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We are completely football obsessed! It's funny because DH didn't watch it before me, he got into it because I watched it after we met in high school. They don't do american football where he's from so he/his family never got into it. My parents are huge fans so I really had no choice, just like now our kids don't :p. We mostly watch the NFL, but follow San Diego State casually since I went there. We're die hard Charger fans, of course lol.

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Football is big in our house and my in-laws as well, we also love the RedWings for hockey

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DH is a big football fan. Only NFL though, we are not big college football fans. We take turns with 2 other couples hosting it. So one Sunday it will be at ours and then the next at someone else's and so on. The guys mainly watch it, us wives gossip, and the kids play so really its just an excuse for all of us to get together. We always cheer for our home team, the Houston Texans. I just have to say that I am beyond thrilled that I will be able to enjoy a beer or two before the season ends. Smile