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Weekend QOTD

What's your favorite kitchen tool or gadget? Why?

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my kitchen aid. It makes everything so much easier. Especially pizza dough or bread. With the bread hook, it does the kneeding for you.....okay I have two actually. I have an amazing greenware pan with ceramic coating. I think it's by cuisinart from Bed Bath and Beyond. It's safe, good for environment, but what I love is I can cook eggs and literally wipe the thing out with a paper towel. No scrubbing at all.

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Great minds think alike! My favorite kitchen gadget is ALSO my KitchenAid Stand Mixer Smile That thing rocks Smile I especially put it to use around the holidays.

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I have so many favorites... that's why I didn't answer this immediately. I also LOVE my Kitchen Aid mixer. I have lots of Pampered Chef speciality tools that I love too... like my garlic press, my roux whisk, my batter bowls & my egg slicer (that I use more for strawberries). I love my Cuisnart food processor but I hate to clean it. Smile I probably have more that I love but I think that's a good start of my favorites.

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i am a sucker for kitchen gadgets!! esp little ones like cherry pitters and avocado peelers! (neither of which I own, btw, I just dream of them one day when I have more drawers in my kitchen to accommodate them! my current fave, though is my cuisinart ice cream maker!! Israelis do not know how to make ice cream, which is ridiculous in the "land of milk and honey!!!" so now I make my own, and we are soooo happy!

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Hmmm...I agree about the little ones. I like the little cherry pitter & the apple slicer for pies. I love my ice cube trays with lids b/c I hate freezer taste in my water. I also love my food processor for making baby food but I do hate cleaning ALL the pieces.

Oh and pie birds..those little birdies they use to let the steam escape from pies. We don't own any but they sure are cute & nostalgic.


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I love my Ninja blender!! I can make snow cones for DS, smoothies for me, and salsa for DH (his favorite)! I never knew you could do so much with a blender! LOL!

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I guess I don't really have one

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I love my Kitchenaid stand mixer.

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Coffee Maker

The coffee maker. Need I say more?:p

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