Weekend QOTD

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Weekend QOTD

What is your favorite genre of music? Are you planning to play any special music during L & D?

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My fav is country but I like other styles too.

Interesting story from DD, I played a Daughtry cd a ton in the car before she was born. After she was born, she got fussy while riding in the car on one of our first outings. I turned on that cd & she calmed down. I always wondered if she recognized it.

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country music and rock music

nothing special during delivery Smile

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I like different kinds. Just not metal. That's just not fun fr my ears. I haven't decided if I'll play music or not but DH will have his Iphone & he's got TONS of music so I'll have lots to choose from.

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I like a little but of everything, depending on my mood. Country mainly only during Stampede, but I wil admit to a special love of 80's hair metal. Not planning on any music during delivery.

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I like just about everything! It's hard for me to pick one genre that I like best. I am not planning any music for delivery. I found it easier to concentrate last time with no noise.

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I like a variety of music, although I am not real fond of jazz, and I need to be in a certain mood to listen to much classical. I definitely do NOT want any music during labor and delivery!! It would absolutely drive me crazy.

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I will listen to anything and don't really dislike anything. Nothing planned for delivery.

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During labor I will probably just play my hypnobirthing CD over and over again. But if I get tired of it I will probably play classical, I have a great CD that mixes nature sounds with classical music.
Generally I listen to the radio with popular music, "today's hits and yesterday's favorites" kind of thing. I used to listen the the Dead a lot but not as much anymore. I also like me some good ole fashioned bluegrass sometimes. Surfer music like Donovan Frankenriter or Jack Johnson is a big hit here too as well as some more folksy stuff like Greg Brown.

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My likes....

I like contemporary and alternative rock. I also like some folk music. But I don't want any music during delivery. I hate distraction and noisiness when I'm not feeling well. I think it would just make me really cranky.

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I pretty much like anything except some rap and heavy metal. I bought a relaxing classical CD to play while I was in labor, but I didn't realize that the hospital didn't have a CD player. All they had was a thing to hook a mp3 player or ipod. Thankfully my birth photographer brought her ipod and played Enya for me the whole time. It was wonderful!!

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I have pretty eclectic tastes when it comes to music, I can't think of anything I really don't like. I love rock, country, latin pop, poppy rap (courtesy of DH lol) and whatever is on :). My tastes have toned down a lot since I had kids. I rarely listen to music outside of the car and I'm never in the car without a couple of little guys listening to everything I am.

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I like all music. I figure i will bring my ipad and see what stikes my liking that day.

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I like most anything. Haven't listened to much rap since "growin up". Probably since college I guess. Country is my all time favorite though. We'll have the IPod with us, so if I'm in the mood, I'm guessing I'll go for some country that puts me in a good mood. A little Zac Brown, Kenny Chesney, or perhaps Jason Aldeen. We'll see.

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I pretty much like everything-- except Country & Hard Rock or Metal. My fav would have to be Pop and Salsa. (I really like to dance!)

I don't think I want any music during delivery.