Weekly appointments?

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Weekly appointments?

I know after my appt. on Monday, I will start seeing the doctor every 2 weeks, but when do weekly appointments start and when do they start checking your cervix and is it healthy for them to check it weekly? I only went to one 2 week appointment before DS was born and never made it to weekly appointments so I never had the privilege of having this done so just curious as to when they will start doing that. I'm asking if it's healthy because I read somewhere (may have been my Hypnobirthing book) that I could request that they not check. Just wondering if there is a reason why I wouldn't want them to.

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Weekly appointments for me started at 36 weeks. So I went at 32, 34, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41 (yes, 41 :mad:).

I was checked weekly from 36 weeks on because I requested it. This time I'm not doing that beause I wasn't making any progress and it was SO emotionally frustrating.

Health wise- some people say that it's not good to get checked because it can introduce bacteria up there. Which, I guess is true... but I figure I'm going to a doctors office that is sterile so the odds of that are pretty darned slim.

As far as requesting not to be checked, absolutely you can. I'm going to ask not to be checked this time. It's not super comfortable, btw.

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I think my weekly started at 36w too. The only time they checked my cervix was at 39w because I/they thought I was leaking fluid. I think that's what actually started my labor, my doc said that checking the cervix could do that.

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Mine start at 36 (so 34, 36, 37, 38, 39) too. Smile I was only checked at 38 weeks with my first daughter and I asked not to be checked at all last time since I was a repeat c-section.

Even if I wasn't a repeat I would request not doing them, because it really tells you nothing. Some people can walk around "ready to go" for weeks (and months!) and some people can be "closed up tight" and have their water break later that night.

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"rbrooks14332" wrote:

This time I'm not doing that beause I wasn't making any progress and it was SO emotionally frustrating.

I think this is why my Hypnobirthing book discourages being checked because it can be frustrating and they are all about positive thinking. I always thought it would be kind of neat to know my progress, but I do remember the two times they checked me in the hospital how uncomfortable it was. Ugh!

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I go next week at alittle over 27 weeks, then I'll go at 30, 32, 34, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40.....hopefully no further than that. With DS#4 I had about 3 appts after my 40 week one but he was induced at 42 weeks... They started checking me at different weeks with each pregnancy. The twins 28 weeks, DS#3 at 38 (did a membrane sweep), DD at 33 weeks because I had ALOT of pressure, DS#4 at 36 weeks I believe...

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I go at 27 weeks, then 29, 30, 32, 34, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40.
my old ob started doing checks at 36 weeks, not sure with this doc.

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I was 2-3cm from 36 weeks on with both kids Smile so even the check doesnt mean much, since baby still came 5 weeks and 3 weeks later.

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The weekly appointments start at 36 weeks. You can be checked as early as 36 or 37 weeks, but honestly it doesn't mean much. I was 4 cm at 36 weeks with both of my last ones. Still went until 39 weeks. Smile I was actually 6-7 cm the morning of my 39 week appointment with my 3rd dd, and labor hadn't started yet!

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Sometimes women like to be checked because the doctor will do a "stripping"(that's what they call it in French I know it's not the right word in English" basically they run their fingers to seperate the membrane a bit. It can be less sanitary but it can also induce labour. I lost my plug the next day and my water broke 24 hours later. It's not something my dr will do before 39 weeks. The checks btw aren't uncomfortable they HURT. I had a hard time walking with my 38 week check and my 39 and a half week one was worse.

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Yep to PP's. 36 weeks sounds about right.
When I had weekly appts last time, the MW just did BP checks & baby heartbeat checks & felt to see if baby was still head down. I refused any cervical checks (which was fine with her). I didn't want any chance of introducing bacteria into that region prior to my Strep B test. Plus I figured not knowing was less stress inducing then thinking 1cm dilation was going to get me anywhere faster. Smile

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36 is when my weekly appt's start as well. My dr's do not do any checks until 39 weeks, unless you are having symptoms of being in early labour before then.

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Seems the majority say that checks don't matter so I think I'm going to opt out on them then especially if it hurts.

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Oh yeah, I think you'll have other signs that'll make you want to be checked... otherwise it really isn't needed.

I'll definitely be declining them.

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My MW is pretty hands off. I don't do 2 week appointments until 38 and 40 weeks (maybe 36 too, I can't seem to remember!) then weekly if you get to 41 etc.

I agree with the other girls about the "checks". They don't really tell you anything and they hurt! I know a woman IRL who was freaked because at 34 weeks she was at 4 cm. She delivered after being induced right before she hit 42 weeks lol. Heck I was at 2 cm at my final appt then after my water broke and I was at the hospital I was back down to 1 cm!

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After my 28 week appt next week I don't see my midway again until 34weeks. Then 36, 38 and then not until 41 weird huh lol

Here they don't do cervical checks until you are in labour. I had them a lot with my first in the US and do remember the pain walking afterwards.

They do offer you the cervical sweep which I had last time but not until your 41week appt.