Weekly Belly Pics - let's see those bellies!

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Weekly Belly Pics - let's see those bellies!

I thought we should start doing a weekly belly pic thread so we can all see how much our bellies are growing! I'll post mine as soon as I take one! Smile

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Ok...I'll go first! Smile Here is mine taken on Saturday.

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I took this one yesterday morning at 23 weeks, 2 days

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Looking good ladies!! I haven't done one in awhile and we leave for vaction on friday so I will take some then!

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19 weeks:

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20 weeks with 2 Biggrin

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We've got some good looking baby bumps on this board!

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Nice baby bellies ladies. Keep them coming!

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Mira I would never guess you're carrying twins! You look fantastic!! As does everyone else!!

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24 weeks

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Never got around to this last week, but here is my latest. I can see a change in my face - puffy cheeks (and my belly of course)

DSC_0016 by nebraskafarmgirl82