Weekly Check-In 9/12-9/17

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Weekly Check-In 9/12-9/17

Good morning my lovely October moms!!! We are all approaching the finish line, and before we know it, our beautiful bundles of joy will be snuggled in our arms. Hopefully we can all use these next few weeks to rest as much as possible. Or if the nesting bug has bitten you too, try not to over do it (like cleaning your garage, bad idea)

1. Name:

2. How many weeks:

3. Baby's gender:

4. Weight gain/loss:

5. Cravings/dislikes:

6. Any new baby buys:

7. Bags packed:

8. Carseat installed:

9. upcoming plans:

10. any complaints:

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1. Name: Kate

2. How many weeks: 33!

3. Baby's gender: GIRL!

4. Weight gain/loss: same, 5lbs total.

5. Cravings/dislikes: cant eat dinner lately, meat especially

6. Any new baby buys: a warm si up outer layer with hood for the fall, 50% off!!

7. Bags packed: yes, still have to pack the boys bag and dh's bag of snacks and stuff.

8. Carseat installed: no, not till im done babysitting at the end of the month

9. upcoming plans: ob visit weekly now, and a Carters shopping trip with one of our board members.

10. any complaints: the charlie horses have become so extreme, lasting as long as 30 minutes and I cry thr whole time in hurts so bad. and yes, I eat a banana every day!

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1. Name: Lindsey

2. How many weeks: 34 weeks

3. Baby's gender: boy

4. Weight gain/loss: + 26lbs

5. Cravings/dislikes: it's Halloween time, so I'm a sucker for a big bag of Branch's candy corn. Other than that DH is awesome and has been grilling now that the weather turned nice again

6. Any new baby buys: car seat and painted the birch tree mural

7. Bags packed: nope

8. Carseat installed: tested it out in the car but will install a little closer

9. upcoming plans: just finish up the nursery and try to buy a bed for the guest room so my parents have something to sleep on!

10. any complaints: Oh plenty. Stomach is tight and hard, so every movement is starting to hurt. Waking up again at night, back aches......no swollen feet yet though!

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1. Name: Melissa

2. How many weeks: 35 Weeks!

3. Baby's gender: Team Green

4. Weight gain/loss: None

5. Cravings/dislikes: I am not sure I have any.

6. Any new baby buys: We did buy a pack n play the other day

7. Bags packed: Umm...No

8. Carseat installed: No again ( I am a slacker)

9. upcoming plans: Try and get ready for the baby as much as possible and get our house together.

10. any complaints: I am right on the cusp of being miserable. I can feel my self wanting to whine all the time but I am refraining for now.

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1. Name: Amanda

2. How many weeks: 36 weeks and 1 day

3. Baby's gender: Girl!!

4. Weight gain/loss: +4 lbs

5. Cravings/dislikes: nothing really....I am having a hard time eating at all especially in the evenings

6. Any new baby buys: nope.....my mom is buying Alli's crib today hopefully, if not today then this week for sure.

7. Bags packed: hers is....I probably won't pack one for me and will just have my mom bring me some things

8. Carseat installed: nope.....can't right now since it is still so hot here and my AC is out in my van I am driving my moms trailblazer so I need all the room there is without the infant seat in there. We already can't go places together in one vehicle

9. upcoming plans: nope

10. any complaints: my back is killing me and my left leg randomly goes numb

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1. Name: Amanda

2. How many weeks: 34 weeks 5 days

3. Baby's gender: boy

4. Weight gain/loss: + 30 lbs

5. Cravings/dislikes: I have been craving carmel apples.

6. Any new baby buys: Nothing new recently. I feel I have everything needed for him now.

7. Bags packed: Baby's bag is packed, I have a bag packed with fun activities for my daughters and my bag is almost finished.

8. Carseat installed: No not yet, DH will install once baby is born.

9. upcoming plans: Hoping to be able to return to work this week or at least next week at the latest. Weekly follow up appointment scheduled for this morning.

10. any complaints: Plenty of swelling, stomach still hurts from torn muscle.

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1. Name: Dana

2. How many weeks: 35w5d

3. Baby's gender: Girl

4. Weight gain/loss: +11

5. Cravings/dislikes: Been craving double stuffed oreos, trying not to give in too much

6. Any new baby buys: Got a baby hawk, even though already had an ergo with infant insert and a moby. Also picked up a bit more newborn clothing, and some winter 3-6 month stuff.

7. Bags packed: No, one of the projects for this week

8. Carseat installed: No, this is dh's project for while we're at the hospital.

9. upcoming plans: getting things set up in the house, clothes washed, etc

10. any complaints: Other than my pelvis, I'm actually feeling great.

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1. Name: Samantha

2. How many weeks: 38 weeks!!!

3. Baby's gender: Boy!

4. Weight gain/loss: 25lbs+

5. Cravings/dislikes: NO cravings..never hungry

6. Any new baby buys: Trying a moby wrap, might get some new swadlling blankets and I am trying some new baby bouncers and a pack n play this time.7.

Bags packed: Yes, for over a week now

8. Carseat installed: kinda, it's in the car but not hooked up

9. upcoming plans: just trying to keep the house clean. Everything is ready!

10. any complaints: Feeling pretty good since I am off work now, but the pressure in my baldder is killing me.

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1. Name: Sally

2. How many weeks: 37weeks

3. Baby's gender: Boy!

4. Weight gain/loss: 20lbs?

5. Cravings/dislikes: All I want is french fries.

6. Any new baby buys: No

7. Bags packed: Yes

8. Carseat installed: DH will put it in when it's time to bring us home (it's in the closet as we need the room for the other kids right now).

9. upcoming plans: Just getting through the next few weeks.

10. any complaints: On bedrest for SPD, in a lot of pain.

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1. Name: Aimee

2. How many weeks: 33w3d

3. Baby's gender: Girl

4. Weight gain/loss: I think I'm up over 30, but I get weighed tomorrow

5. Cravings/dislikes: Popcorn!

6. Any new baby buys: Not yet...holding off for another week

7. Bags packed: 90% packed for me, and none for DS yet. DH can fend for himself! lol

8. Carseat installed: Not yet, we have the travel system, so its just a base...no time at all.

9. upcoming plans: Cribs going together this week/weekend!

10. any complaints: Anytime I eat, no matter what it is, I get heartburn. And going #2 is a Pain in the you know what!

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1. Name: Becca

2. How many weeks: 37 tomorrow

3. Baby's gender: Boy

4. Weight gain/loss: Stopped looking. 34 I think.

5. Cravings/dislikes: None really

6. Any new baby buys: Not yet

7. Bags packed: Nope

8. Carseat installed: Nope

9. upcoming plans: Moving next week

10. any complaints: What seems to be prodromal labor

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1. Name:Melissa

2. How many weeks:35w 1d

3. Baby's gender:boy

4. Weight gain/loss:27lbs

5. Cravings/dislikes:hummus & pita chips

6. Any new baby buys:Just got the bedding from my inlaws and DH painted the room this weekend! Finally starting to feel less stressed out Smile

7. Bags packed:Not yet- maybe do that this weekend

8. Carseat installed:Nope

9. upcoming plans:Finishing up LO's room & installing the crib this weekend and finishing up girly-fying DD's "big girl" room

10. any complaints: The weight gain is def starting to take it's toll on me- my back just about ALWAYS hurts...I always have to be in a reclined position when sitting

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1. Name: Jennifer

2. How many weeks: 37 weeks!!

3. Baby's gender: Girl

4. Weight gain/loss: 42 lbs.

5. Cravings/dislikes: I've been having a strong aversion to BBQ lately. Yuck!

6. Any new baby buys: Nope

7. Bags packed: Been packed since 32 weeks

8. Carseat installed: Won't install until we leave the hospital. The hospital has to inspect the carseat and then they watch us install it. It's the same type of carseat we had with DS so we pretty much know how it works.

9. upcoming plans: I have so many bday parties coming up and not sure if I'll be able to make it to all, but I'm going to try my best as long as I'm not in the hospital. One this Saturday and 2 next weekend (my Godson's and nephew's).

10. any complaints: This waiting game is pure torture!! Everyday that I feel like crap, I think maybe that means I'll go into labor soon, but then I feel fine the next day. Ugh!

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1. Name: Emma

2. How many weeks: 37+2

3. Baby's gender: Boy

4. Weight gain/loss: No clue Smile

5. Cravings/dislikes: Never really get cravings or dislikes.

6. Any new baby buys: 2x Halloween long sleeve onesies

7. Bags packed: No

8. Carseat installed: No, tested it to make sure it went in ok and to figure out where we will put it.
9. upcoming plans: Macey's 4th birthday next Tuesday.
10. any complaints:Nope just not ready for this pg to be over.

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1. Name: Paula

2. How many weeks: 34 weeks

3. Baby's gender: Male

4. Weight gain/loss: 24.2 lbs

5. Cravings/dislikes: Craving pure sugar

6. Any new baby buys: Couple of crib toys

7. Bags packed: Yes

8. Carseat installed: Kind of. The base is installed.

9. upcoming plans: Nothing.

10. any complaints: Just the fact that he's moved down and he keeps banging his head against my cervix.

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1. Name: ann-marie

2. How many weeks: 34+1

3. Baby's gender: boy

4. Weight gain/loss: 12lbs

5. Cravings/dislikes: umm..mostly just coke (like from a fountain drink thing) with "good" ice.

6. Any new baby buys: I finally got the car seat and 2 things I needed from old navy last week.

7. Bags packed: nope. I'll pack it the night before we go to the hospital for my c-section. If I go into labor before then I may be screwed..hah.

8. Carseat installed: nope. Just ordered it, hasn't gotten here yet.

9. upcoming plans: trying to get/keep the house clean and organized.

10. any complaints: I had to cut back on how much I picked up my 18 month old and how much I walk. I'm really sore today from having cleaned too much yesterday. Sleeping also sucks.

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1. Name: Lisa

2. How many weeks: 36

3. Baby's gender: Boy

4. Weight gain/loss: 17lbs total?

5. Cravings/dislikes: Nothing overwhelming

6. Any new baby buys: Nothing recently

7. Bags packed: no :/

8. Carseat installed: not yet, but it's sitting by the garage door

9. upcoming plans: normal stuff - work, cleaning, spending time with my DD

10. any complaints: my pelvis hurts :/

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1. Name: Mira

2. How many weeks: 33weeks

3. Baby's gender: boy x 2

4. Weight gain/loss: +36. :shock: I only gained 9 with Finn

5. Cravings/dislikes: loving dairy which I'm not usually too keen on
Hating: chicken :puke:

6. Any new baby buys: picked up a nursing cover at a twin assoc. sale

7. Bags packed: mostly except for toiletries

8. Carseat installed: yes!

9. upcoming plans: wash the swing covers & put the clean sheets on the crib, organize my 3-6 month & 6-12 month clothes bins b/c they are a disaster from when my friend borrowed them, write out a birth plan

10. any complaints: feeling heavy

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1. Name: Amanda

2. How many weeks: 35w4d

3. Baby's gender: Girl!! Biggrin

4. Weight gain/loss: -20 then +15

5. Cravings/dislikes: Drinking Milk like crazy, haven't really had to much to eat, nothing sounds good

6. Any new baby buys: Bouncer

7. Bags packed: Half, I can't pack my clothes because I only have a few that fit me.

8. Carseat installed: Yes

9. upcoming plans: Have this baby!! and a Birthday Party

10. any complaints: I think the shorter list would be what not to complain about Blum 3

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1. Name:Julie

2. How many weeks:35

3. Baby's gender:boy

4. Weight gain/loss:not sure

5. Cravings/dislikes: not really at this point. Just thirsty all the time

6. Any new baby buys:2 new carseats for my bigger boys so the baby seat could fit between them in my tiny car.

7. Bags packed:Mostly, did this 2 days ago

8. Carseat installed:yep

9. upcoming plans:a baby shower next week and maybe another the following week. Husband gone all week so just trying to survive. MIL visiting next week to give me a break with my big boys.
Gonna start weekly appts this Friday.

10. any complaints:EVERYTHING and I mean everything gives me heartburn! I am having a lot of BH contrax the last 3 days. They are irregular and mostly come when I am active but they are getting really annoying!!!

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1. Name: Sara

2. How many weeks: 36

3. Baby's gender: boy

4. Weight gain/loss: +8

5. Cravings/dislikes: I've realized I dislike mushrooms and onions, 2 of my favorite dish addons!

6. Any new baby buys: I think we have about everything

7. Bags packed: Nope lol

8. Carseat installed: no, totaled my car and looking for a new one... so no car to install it in yet

9. upcoming plans: trying not to have this baby!

10. any complaints: that the baby is trying to come early!

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1. Name: Anita

2. How many weeks: 36 weeks today

3. Baby's gender: Boy

4. Weight gain/loss: +23 lbs (as of last week)

5. Cravings/dislikes: No cravings & no more dislikes... it has been nice. Although, I did decide I wanted donuts Sun. Smile

6. Any new baby buys: I bought a Sleepy Wrap... I still want to buy a JJB diaper bag. Wink

7. Bags packed: Oops... no!

8. Carseat installed: Double oops... no!

9. upcoming plans: Oh my goodness... too many... I'm slammed until DS comes. Date night with DH tonight (movies), Ice cream with some moms Thurs & hoping to go to the VT tailgate Sat & the pumpkin patch afterwards or Sun... depending on how I feel.

10. any complaints: I'm officially waddling (at least it feels like it) & DS has apparently run out of room... he's killing me with his stretching & pushing. I still have NO ENERGY... & so much to do still!

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1. Name: Karen

2. How many weeks: 35

3. Baby's gender: Boy

4. Weight gain/loss: +10 lbs

5. Cravings/dislikes: Butterfingers! Yum!

6. Any new baby buys: Not a thing, but I'm ordering a diaper bag soon. I really just can't decide between a be prepared or a BFF! I wish they made one in between those 2 lol.

7. Bags packed: Nope, not at all.

8. Carseat installed: Yes

9. upcoming plans: Nada

10. any complaints: Prodromal labor... I'm praying he's not late like DD was because then I'm going to have 6 more weeks of this. And I can barely walk now, him being so low is hell on my SPD! I'm waddling ridiculously!