Well, not much luck..

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Well, not much luck..

I tried again last night and couldn't find any baby with the doppler but recognized artery sounds and my own heartbeat this time, since I educated myself. I tried this morning with a full bladder and think I caught it for like half a second a couple times. It was the steady fast beat all right. My monitor didn't have enough time to latch on and get a count though. I think I'm just going to have to wait until I pass the 12 week mark.

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Ugh that must be so frustrating! I don't know what's worse, having one and not finding the hb, or not having one, and constantly wondering! :bigarmhug: Not much longer!!

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It does take awhile to find it at first. I hope you have better luck in a few days!

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Yeah it does take a while I guess but I don't want to sit and do it for too long at once. Some of the sites I read said that while it's not dangerous to the baby to use a doppler, it's maybe a good idea to limit sessions to ten minutes at a time and to maybe even do it only a few times a week. I'm sure it's fine to do it more but I probably will try not to. I think the baby is just fine because while I've been feeling better a bit, last night I got hit with the most massive wave of M/S while I was out with a friend, and I had to go throw up in the bathroom at a store :/

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I was just able to find my LO's hearbeat and it was in the middle of the 12th week. Now it takes me a while to find it but I am successful every time. Just give it another week or two! I try to limit myself also, but it's so hard!

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Good to know I'm not the only one having to wait Blum 3

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I was not able to find it at home with our doppler till well into our 13th week. Then we lost it for a few days (how frustrating!) On one hand it is reassuring and on the other (when you lose it) its nerve-wretching. Now I find it within the first 5 seconds. Baby has not moved from the same position in a few days. The farther along you are the easier it will get. I plan to use it less and less once the movement becomes more and more noticeable.


We found it at 12 weeks, 5 days (almost 13 weeks)

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Thank you, I will not feel so discouraged if it takes another week or even two to find it!

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At 11 weeks I was always having to search for it for a good 5 minutes. Now that I'm a little over 15 weeks, I put the doppler right on my belly and there it is! Wait a week...it will make a big difference!!