What have our partners been drinking?....

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What have our partners been drinking?....

Because it's a BOY!!! Yep, another boy. Being as men's sperm determine the sex and being as we seem to have a large amount of boys for this birth month, I've been wondering if it's something in the beer....:DI had my ultrasound this morning. I was more excited to actually see the baby and know he's okay then I was to find out the sex. When the doctor first started the examination, the baby was opening and closing his mouth like he was trying to talk. The doctor said girls do this more than boys, but mine just looked like he was chattering away. His parents are both English majors so he comes by it naturally. Smile Then, she noticed that his legs are very long. They are longer than the rest of his body! This is obviously a mommy trait because my legs are the same way. They've always been longer than the rest of my body, even though I'm 5'4. He also had my toes! My second toes are longer than my big toes and he has these strange toes! It was hilarious. When she started the gender portion of the exam, he was bashful like I thought he would be. His mommy and daddy are also bashful. He did not want to spread his legs to show off his bits and pieces, but with a little persistence on the doctor's part, he finally gave us the money shot. My husband and I can't wait to meet our little David Joseph 21 weeks from now. He's named for the philosopher, David Hume, and for my husband and his father, who both have Joseph as middle names.

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Congrats on your prince! I like the name you have chosen and its special meaning to you.

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Congrats! It is crazy how many boys we have so far on the board. I like his name as well.

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Glad all was well. My Dh drinks beer and I think I am having a boy. Then saying that he probably drinks less beer now than when we conceived my first and maybe second too, both girls. Too be honest I think this is the first one we conceived completely sober lol

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****Lurker from November '11****

Sorry to jump in...
But I second this. Our board is currently 4 boys and 0 girls...and everyone I know in real life who is having an October baby is having a boy. Our little guys are going to have tons of boy buddies!

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Wow! Score another one for team blue. Congratulations!

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Congrats! DH drinks a lot of beer and we're having a girl so I don't think its the beer. LOL! Must be something else.

And November is already finding out the gender? Man, the time is flying by!!!

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Congratulations! I love his name. Maybe it's the soda if it's not the beer..

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Congrats! Love the name!

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congratulations ... yay! for a little boy !!

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Go team Blue! Congrats on your little boy! I love the name!

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Thanks everyone for all the congratulations. It's so nice being able to talk to other women who are going through the same things. I appreciate it.