What kind of shoes do you wear?

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What kind of shoes do you wear?

while pregnant? Might be a silly question but I need to go shoe shooping this weekend and i don't really care how much I spend, I just need a comfy pair of shoes to wear. I don't even care what they look like at this point.

I have been having alot of hip issues and been seeing the chiropractor and he tells me to avoid flip flops this summer because of it! (boo!)
I am going to Vegas in a month and I know there will be alot of walking around so I was thinking of a good pair of tennis shoes, but would really like some summer shoes with an arch support.
Anyone have a comfy pair of shoes that they love?

Thanks in Advance!

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I wear flats all the time. My personal favorite is the Me Too brand. I have three pairs of them and I swear it feels like you are walking on clouds. You can order them at zappos.com

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I'm no help cuz I'm a flip flop girl all the way......good thing I live in central Texas because I wear those sucker unless its freezing or snow (which we had 2 days of this "winter"). For work I wear a pr of New Balance shoes Ive had for about 3 yrs....

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I'm no help. I live in flip flops or my Nike's. I do wear nicer flip flops like Reefs or Tevas. I don't wear ones like the old navy flip flops. They hurt my feet. I would think that a nice pair of flats would be good. Ones with plenty of support. Happy shopping!

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I'm no help either once the nice weather is here I wear flip flops every day. Have a blast in Vegas. I met my DH there and had my eldest DD there, lots of good memories Smile

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I would get a good pair of tennis shoes if walking a ton. Flats don't have enough support for me. In the winter I wear Dansko but they are too hot for the summer.

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Sorry ~ I can't offer much on the shoe department...I live in heels and wedges. Flats make my lower back hurt to the point where I can't walk. Not sure what I'm going to do once I can't bend over to buckle some of them anymore...guess thats what DH is for. Smile

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If you want a great pair of flip flops, check out the Chaco brand. They are a bit pricey but worth every penny!!! Also, Clarks brand shoes have wonderful support.

Both of these shoe brands were recommended by the chiropractors that I worked for in my working life. I personally own both but mostly live in the Chacos during the summer. They have wonderful arch support. Their website explains more. I try to watch the clearance section at online stores like backcountry.com to get them cheaper. But they are well worth the price!!!

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I live in sandals and flats all summer. For my work shoes, I slip in gel insoles so that my feet aren't killing me at the end of the day.

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I live in San Diego, so I'm in flip flops (mostly Reefs) year round. Sorry I'm no help!

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No help here... flip flops Biggrin

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Flip Flops ... and nike hasthese walking shoes.....

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SO jeaous you can all wear flip flops and my feet will have none of it!!!!

I went to the outlet mall last night and found some white NB shoes I liked. Kinda like the sketchers. They arn't great to wear with a dress though, so I might try to find some better flip flops. I saw some nike memory foam ones that looked comfy, might try those!
I'll also look at some of the brands that you ladies mentioned.

Thank you for all your help!

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NB are really good sneakers, but if you want to find good shoes that are also really nice - get Teva-Naot. http://www.naot.com/ to find a retailer. i have at least 5 different pairs of Naots from shoes, to sandals, to clogs - I even wear them to weddings! They are so supportive and comfy and they have really nice styles. (no I don't work for them!!)

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I wear birkenstocks! I still have my first pair from 20 years ago but mainly wear my new ones.

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get danskos. your back will thank you.