What in the world...

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What in the world...

Does early labor feel like? I have no idea. I don't know what to look for? Please tell me about your early labor signs and how you knew, for sure, you were in labor.

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I'm interested to see what everyone says. I didn't have any early labor signs with DD. I was 40 weeks, 90% effaced and 2/3 cm and he did a sweep and scheduled an induction. I didn't feel anything until he broke my water in the hospital.

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It's totally different for everyone! I think the only for sure signs are your water breaking and or bloody show

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For me it was easy contractions that I noticed but didn't have to breathe through. Also, just a slight "off" feeling that went away once the contractions started picking up.

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Remember I was in the hospital when early labor started and then they sent me home anyways because they thought it would be another 2 or 3 days. :rolleyes: The contractions would start in my back, wrap around my front, and then go down my legs. I started having bloody show once I got home and then decided to take a hot bath. The contractions actually got closer together and more intense while in the bath tub. That's how I knew I was definitely in labor!!

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It has been different for me each time. With DS1 I started feeling crampy and had a back ache like I was going to start AF. Contractions started far apart and then gradually got closer together and stronger. I went to the hospital after a night of that, that happened to coincide with my planned C/S due to his breech positioning.

With DD I had lots contractions, more than just BH like I had with DS1 but nothing too painful, beside that I felt nothing until I got the crampy feeling. Then I decided to go to bed early and woke up 3 hours later to pee, when I got out of bed my water broke. Not a full on break, just a small gush and then a steady stream. I didn't go into labor really though. I went to the hospital with steady contractions, but they weren't really even uncomfortable. Similar to the ones that I had been having for 2 months, maybe even less, I didn't go into real labor until they broke the intact bag of water I still had.

This guy has me all confused because I've had the crampy feeling along with the telltale back ache since Sunday. I'll have strong painful contractions then they just go away. It's frustrating the heck out of me! I went to 41 weeks with DD so I was mentally prepared to do that again, but this has got me thinking he's coming sooner and so now I'm cranky that I'm still pregnant!

I know I'm really in labor when I can't walk or talk through the contractions. I have way too much prodromal labor to go to the hospital otherwise.

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I have been cramping and contracting for 2 weeks.... Hopefully I'll feel the difference when its actual labor.

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You can have a bloody show up to two weeks before you actually go into labor. You can have contractions months before you go into labor (I've been having them when I walk for long periods of time, and I still have seven weeks to go). The only true way to tell you're in labor is when your contractions come every 4-5 minutes consistantly, then it's time to go to the hospital. My OB actually has me do "kick counts", where I lay down after dinner and count how long it takes him to move ten times. If I don't get ten movements within one hour, I have to get up, walk around, and try again. If I don't get ten movements within the second hour I'm to go straight to the hospital. Baby only decreases movement for two reasons: you're in labor or something is wrong. That's how I went to L&D with my first baby, I couldn't get my kick counts so we went straight over, they monitored me for an hour, and sure enough the contractions started to come and I was in labor! Hope this helps!

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**lurker from march**

i remember wondering the same thing when i was pregnant with DS1. i had BH contractions every night for the last week or so. sometimes they would even settle into an every 7 min pattern, but they weren't painful...just a tightening of my abdomen that wrapped around to my lower back. sort of similar to menstrual cramps, but different. i would always wonder "is this it?" but then eventually fall asleep and wake up in the morning still pregnant. Smile

the night i really went into labor, it started off feeling the same, except i couldn't settle down and go to sleep. i was pacing our living room for a couple hours and then decided to start timing them because i could tell they were getting stronger and more frequent. they were 5 min apart, lasting 1 min each. then 4 min. apart, then 3 min apart. when they had been going at 3 min apart for 2 hours, i called L&D and they basically made me feel like i should have come in hours ago. but the contractions weren't terrible (i could still talk through them and pacing or leaning on furniture helped me get through them easily), and i just had a feeling i wasn't that far along yet. sure enough, when we got to L&D after i had been laboring in my living room for 12 hours, i was only 3cm. i climbed the hospital stairwell over and over for a couple hours, and got to 5cm, and then i was admitted. i wish i had stayed home longer, but it's just so hard to know with your first!

oh, i also passed my mucus plug and a little blood the afternoon before i went into labor.

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The only reason i knew i was in labor was because the.nursebtold me with my DS i was dilated to a 4...ifbit had been up to me i wouldnt have been at the hospital yet. My Contrax were still like 7-10 mins apart at thatpoint....
Im no help LOL...i was in denial