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What's your favorite item

I thought I would start another one of these. It was helpful for me and now we have a lot more new mommies out there. Or even things that you loved or hated at 1 week but as your LO has gotten older it has changed.

For me, my bedroom is small, so a big packnplay or even bassinet wasn't a good option. My mom picked up the rock 'n play on the way home from the hospital for me (because it was an item that was on the infamous list) and it's been a life saver! Especially with his jaundice. We're able to easily move it from room to room and kept him in window light as much as possible.

He freaks out at diaper changes as every newborn does. Anyone use a wipe warmer? I'm thinking of getting one.

Also anyone use the moby wrap? I got one as a gift and I'm excited about using it for walks. Looks so compliated, but I feel like if I can just get the hang of it, it will become second nature.

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I love my become butterfly 2 right now. I had a moby for a short time with my oldest and didn't like it because I mostly only wore him away from the house, so it was just too much work.

Definitely get a wipe warmer, I had one with both kids.

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Loving my baby hawk, wore her for 6ish hours on sat super comfy. The bouncer is a lifesaver, keeps Gillian happy out of my arms so I can spend time with dd1.

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Love the wipe warmer and the Moby! I took Conor to the pumpkin patch with DD at 12 days old with no problems using the Moby Smile He just slept the whole time!

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I love my nursing cover! I'm not real comfortable nursing in front of people except DH so its a lifesaver for when we have people over or go somewhere. Also love my breast friend nursing pillow. I've had terrible back pain since giving birth and the pillow relieves some of that pain while nursing.

I used a wipe warmer with DS, but I haven't used one this time around. I wanted to get her used to the wipes being the same temp so I wouldn't have to always walk upstairs to change her diaper.

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Yesterday and today, the swing has been a life saver. It puts him to sleep in about a millisecond, which is nice. And he'll sleep in there for a long time too. Plenty of time for me to put DD down for nap, stick Owen in the swing in my bathroom, and take a shower. Also, I bought some prefold diapers to use as burp cloths. Nursing covers have been a life saver too. Bought an ERGO carrier from a friend and that has been super nice. Not sure I'd be able to handle two kids alone, outside of the house without it.

I'm glad I DIDN'T get-
Boppy pillow- I just use the two small decorative pillows off of our bed to rest my arm on while I'm feeding him at night. Would've been a total waste of money

It would be nice to have-
a mirror to put in the truck so I can see him in his car seat while I drive
a volume control on my 3 year old :rolleyes:

no wipe warmers here. don't want him to freak out EVEN MORE when we're out and have to use cold wipes.

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"rbrooks14332" wrote:

a volume control on my 3 year old :rolleyes:

If you find one, I'd love it for my 18 month old Smile

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Oh yeah real refolds as burp clothes!!! We sleep with them and lay them on everything and take them with us to go. They are a lifesaver

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I second the wipe warmer,nursing cover, swing and the car mirror is nice to have alothough my SO says he doesn't need a mirror to tell that LO is crying.LOL

Swaddlers are nice to have.
The careseat cover is a lifesaver because it keeps him warm and no one can see my LO while we are out so it prevents touching and germs.

Don't like the moby. Like the front pack carrier better.

Aliitle advice- if you have a LO with dry skin. Don't use any kind of soap or shampoo in the bath (they don't get dirty!!!) They only need a bath 1-2 times a week and I use burts bees lotion ( no acholol in it) I also like the Johnsons hand and face wipes. They smell good and clean up spit up!

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We got home from the hospital yesterday afternoon and I realized i wasn't dragging the swing out so I had no where for him to sit in the living room. We went and got one of those rock n plays this morning and it's awesome so far. Smile

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I third the cloth diapers for burp cloths. Love them.

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5 siblings so I don't have to hold her all the time Wink

I'm just kidding...she's a good baby and is quite content just hanging out. I did just buy a mirror for the car because with the logistics of 3 still in some kind of safety seat Alli is behing the driver seat so with it i can look in the rear view mirror and see her. Shes not fond of her swing or bouncy seat and would rather just lay around.

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Hmmmm...Miracle Blankets, nursing pillow...I'm sure there's more but I need time to really decide.

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I would have to say my nursing pillow... I use it all the time. It keeps baby up to nurse so I have my hands free to do other things... like type, talk on the phone, change the channel, eat, etc LOL. Clara is always wanting to be up sitting next to me when I'm nursing so it frees me to even be able to lift her up and put my arm around her. We are also using the swing, bouncy chair and his stroller bassinet attachment as a bed. I've been putting the bassinet inside the pack n play next to our bed (he keeps warmer in there). I also could not drive without my mirror for the baby, we bought one with Clara and we've switched it over for Markus (we can see Clara now as she's forward facing). I like to be able to see my baby when driving to know if they are sleeping/awake, have lost their soother, have spit up or need their nose wiped etc...

I also LOVE my carseat cover, it's great for keeping your little one warm and cozy and keeping nosy people/germs out. No need to bundle them warm and you can just slip it off when you go indoors. Baby never gets a blast of cold air or rain to the face.

I've also never used a wipe warmer, I just slip a couple wipes down my shirt betwen my breasts and hold one tightly in my hand while undressing baby.

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"CanadianaSally" wrote:

I've also never used a wipe warmer, I just slip a couple wipes down my shirt betwen my breasts and hold one tightly in my hand while undressing baby.

I do that too lol!

Actually I should mention I don't like the wipes warmer for them being warm on his butt. I have found by the time I take it out and make it to his butt it has already cooled off significantly. They stay warmer if I put them on my chest.

I like them so that my own hands don't hit a freezing cold wipe every time I reach for one. I have also found the wipes separate easier for me when they are warm and I put extra water in the warmer so that as it warms them it washes away some of the solution that can be irritating.

I use Nature BabyCare wipes, so it might be specific to these one. I used cloth wipes with my first and so the warmer was great for different reasons then. I will eventually switch to cloth with this one, I think.(I CD'd my first and am going to CD this one when he gets a little bigger, right now I just use biodegradable dipes and wipes, but I might stick with the bio-wipes even if I switch to the cloth dipes)