When to get maternity pictures done?

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When to get maternity pictures done?

I plan on doing professional pictures and have a friend/photographer come to my house to do them but I can't decide when to have them done. she stays very busy so I want to be able to give her a date. With DS I was only 24 weeks when I got mine which was way to early but I worked at a portrait studio and got them for free if I got the done at that time.
I would like to have a big belly but not wait to long where I chance going into labor first and I still want to look good. KWIM?
So is anyone doing these and when? or have you done them before with previous pregnancies and had a good experience with a good time?

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I believe 32-34 weeks is the "perfect" window for maternity pictures. We're going to attempt ours at 32 weeks for the first time probably. (DH will do mine)

Ask your friend when she prefers to do them. I know a lot of photographers have a "window" that they think is "perfect".

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Most photographers will give you a window of time, but honestly, it just depends on the person and how they are showing. But I agree that around 32 weeks is usually pretty good. I may get DH to shoot some with DD and myself, but not sure.

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Another for the 32-34 week group.

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I'm still considering doing them for this time. I talked to a photographer friend of mine about doing a joint session... part maternity & part DD. I need to hurry up & decide though... I would like to also do them around 32-34 week window. But realistically, my belly is good enough now to do them anytime.

Last time I did them myself (with a tripod & selftimer). Not the easiest task but I was able to get some good shots. I didn't do them until around 36 weeks though. I was starting to swell more then.

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I also think 32-34 weeks is perfect, big enough to look gorgeous, not so big you feel huge all over.

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My cousin (who is a photographer) is coming up to do mine at about 36 1/2 weeks. I figure we could be cutting it close, but that's when we could make it work. Smile

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I never had any taken, but I can't wait to see yours! I bet they're going to be beautiful!

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I guess I will book mine for the 34 week mark. Sounds like that is about average. I am getting alot bigger so I am sure in a few more weeks it will be "perfect" I am doing some family pics as well and then will probably have her come back to do newborn pics and with DS. Thinking about my 2 sons together makes me cry! (happy of course!)