where does baby "hang out"

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where does baby "hang out"

So where do you guys let baby "hang out" when awake. Right now I only have the rock'n play but was thinking it may be time to get the activity mat since he's becoming more aware of his surroundings and wanting to look at things. He LOVES looking out the window at the trees, so usually I put the rock 'n play in front of the window if I'm not holding him. Where do your babies "play" right now? He'll be 1 month tomorrow, so I don't want him just laying in the rock 'n play every time I put him down to do something.

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Right now it's her bouncer if I'm trying to get something done and big sis is playing. If Annabelle is either eating or napping or at her dayhome (she goes 2x a week), she's on her playmat, alternating between tummy and back time.

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I usually try to do face to face interaction when he is awake because he's not awake very much, but I usually put him in the swing and he hangsout in our room alot. He likes to lay on a pillow and look at the lights from the tv. I need to bring out the playmat today and see if he likes it. I think I used it with DS when he was 2 months old, so we are just about there!

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Alli hangs out on her playmat ALOT.....or her bouncer. Or someone holds her and we talk to her. She has started smiling at us when we are talking to her.

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I set him up in the middle of the Boppy or he goes in his seat(with a vibration thing and music) or just in the middle of the bed. Mostly in his seat since I can move him to wherever we are, he is most interested in watching what we are doing. I think I got rid of our playmat, maybe I need to get another one for him.

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I was never a big fan of a playmat...
He sleeps A LOT still, so he's usually in the rock n play. When he's awake I hold him and talk to him and his sisters bring him toys. Wink

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I admit it, Caleb never gets put down anywhere lol, except his crib at night time. He's my last baby and I want to enjoy every minute. If I'm doing housework I wear him and if he's awake my older kids and I talk to him and play with him. Once he's a bit bigger and no longer happy just staring at me I'll pull out the jumperoo and let him start exploring the floor more. I should probably start putting him down a bit while he's napping too, but there's time for that later :).

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There are a couple of places baby hangs out here. Usually I spend the time holding him, having face to face time. Sometimes, though, I'll put him on his playmate/play gym and let him look around either on his back or his stomach. Sometimes I'll prop him up in his boppy or in his boppy on my legs.

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I'm guilty of holding during most naps:) I just love baby snuggles so much, and I figure there is plenty of time for independance later.

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CJ won't hang out anywhere but with me, lol. He isn't a fan of his bouncy seat or swing. Sometimes he hangs out in the boppy next to me but he usually screams his head off if I put him down. I have a Moby I'm still trying to get the hang of so I can actually get things done.

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The swing. I'm thinking about getting him an activity mat too.