Where are my ankles!?

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Where are my ankles!?

Hey ladies,
I'm a first-timer and it has gotten pretty stinking hot around Missouri. So starting Thurs. I noticed my ankles retaining more water. Friday got bad. Saturday and Sunday OH MY GOODNESS! They look like club feet. What can I do? They are painful to walk on because the skin is stretching, eek!

I have to stand at my job for a min. of 10 hours a day. Any ideas to help this? I'm trying to sleep with my feet elevated and that gets rid of quite a bit of the water. I just can't imagine how the rest of the pregnancy is going to go if I'm already retaining a lot. THANKS!

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I hate to say this but it will probably get worse! I got swollen ankles (mine are already swollen as well) but they were super bad with my twin pregnancy. It's actually called Edema which is water displacement in your body caused by the stress of the pregnancy. You should drink MORE water to help it flush and definately try to get off your feet as much as you can. Edema can get pretty bad, with the twins I had swollen pouches of fluid all over my body, including under my belly, it was really gross. I even had muffled hearing as I had pressure around my ears as well. It never got that bad with my singleton pregnancies though. Hang in there!!

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I had really bad swelling with DS and I hate to say it, but nothing made it better. My doctor always suggested to rest as much as I could at the end of the day and drink lots of water. My ankles have started swelling a little already, but not bad yet. Hopefully with some rest the swelling will somewhat go down for you.

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Sad I'm sorry you're having swelling issues. I've had swelling with all of my pregnancies so far, including this one. With DD I didn't have it as bad as with DS until I hit 39 weeks in the August heat. I could barely move, I went from gaining 30 lbs total at the start of 39 weeks to 50 when I delivered at 41 weeks. I also got that nasty underbelly swelling Sally mentioned, it was awful! It felt so yuckie! PP covered everything I've heard to reduce swelling, lots of water and keep your feet up.

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Ugh. I had some swelling with DD as well, but later in my pregnancy. I am a teacher, so I know how you have to stand for a lonnnng time. I'd see if there was any way to at least sit in a high stool a few hours a day, or take more frequent breaks. Your boss will likely understand. Keep drinking water like every one else has said, too!

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Sorry you're already swelling! I didn't have problems with my last pregnancy, but my sister is a NICU nurse and she would have problems after working her 12 hour night shifts. She usually came home, put her feet up and stayed hydrated.

On another note, we're in Nebraska not far from the Missouri River but thankfully far enough away from it and plenty of hills in between. We cross it all the time and saw the dam yesterday. You guys far enough away from the River as well or is it not rising there yet? We're officially above flood stage and at the record high set in 1952.

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Put lemon in your water - it helps with swelling - at least that's what one of the midwives told me with my first pregnancy.

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"scotty620" wrote:

Put lemon in your water - it helps with swelling - at least that's what one of the midwives told me with my first pregnancy.

Oooo I could try that! With DS I blew up towards the end I retained so much water I was swollen everywhere!