Who is still breastfeeding? Post your pics!! (xp/Sept)

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Who is still breastfeeding? Post your pics!! (xp/Sept)

Just wondering how many of us are still breastfeeding and how it's going? Markus is nursing really good, we had a few rough times and I definately found it more challenging to nurse after a csection than with a natural birth. I thought it would be nice to see breastfeeding pics if anyone wants to share?

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I am amazed and so proud of myself for still breastfeeding Callan he hit 12 weeks yesterday. We have had quite a few issues including, Too much weight loss, slow to gain, then losing again, Tongue tie, pain, pain more pain, bleeding etc etc etc lol So to still be doing it I think is pretty impressive lol We have had to supplement since quite early on. But am now down to 1 x 4oz bottle of formula a day, he also has 2 other bottles a day but they are breast milk. His middle of the day one I am decreasing gradually and it is currently at 2oz.

My aim is to decrease then get rid off the morning and afternoon one and replace the evening formula one with breast milk. I had a health visitor tell me I would never be able to exclusively breastfeed my son, and am working towards proving her wrong Smile

I never sing my own praises but YAY me Smile
Will try and take and upload a pic.

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We are still bfing and thankful that we have never had any problems! I'm usually modest, but I will try to post a picture this weekend. Smile

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Still breastfeeding here. Gillian gets ine bottle of pumped milk a day, while I'm across the street at the gym.

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no pics here. Maybe tomorrow. But we're still going. A few weeks ago I was still in the "I do it but don't love it" club. I wouldn't say that I "love" it, but it's gotten so much easier now and it def is relaxing compared to a bottle. This week I even nursed him in the moby at the park! Up until then I always went to my car if we were out shopping, but we walked to the park yesterday with friends on a VERY rare 65 degree day with no wind and no snow on the groun in JANUARY!!! So there was no way in hell I was cutting that trip short just to walk home to nurse him. Worked great and no one could tell.

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Here's our first ever nursing photo! Smile

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Still breastfeeding here! Had one little problem just a week ago with low milk supply but got it back up and still going strong! I don't have any pics, that's the last thing I think of doing when I nurse since my hands are full holding my 16 lb boy!

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We don't have any nursing pictures, but we are still going. Sarah is 13 weeks and growing well. She gets two 4oz bottles at daycare each day now that I am back at work, but are nursing other times of the day.

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I have a couple of pics, but I'm not very good about uploading them. I shall try. David and I are still going. Tomorrow will officially be three months and it has been a struggle at times. Here are the problems I've encountered:
1. My milk didn't come in until David was six days old.
2. Getting him to eat was a struggle because he insisted on sleeping through his sessions for the first six weeks. He still gets really drowsy.
3. I recently discovered blood in his bowel movements stemming from a potential cow milk allergy.
4. And, finally, he seems to be on a mini nursing strike this week. He insists for nursing for only ten minutes at a time. If I try to encourage him to eat more, he'll scream bloody murder. I've been pumping after almost every session.

Oh well. I just keep telling myself this is the healthiest thing for him. Maybe not the most convenient for me, but definitely the healthiest. On Wednesday, I go back to work. I'll be exclusively pumping four times a day for three days a week. We'll see if I'm able to continue to be successful. I'd like to hear about other people's trials and tribulations. I think too often we are made to think that nursing is some simple, nonchalant thing to do. But it takes a lot of work and there are a lot of obstacles to overcome some times. Congrats to all who have made it this far!

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We are still breastfeeding Smile I will see about a photo later. I am a low producer, so Conor does get some formula, but it's mostly breast milk! He takes both formula and breast milk bottles at daycare now that I'm back to work.

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We're still nursing. No bottles or formula or anything. But the no bottle thing is just because I'm too busy with the everyone to pump. Oh wait he did get some formula a few minutes after he was born because he had low blood sugar. I'm still mad about that! He's my only baby to get formula !

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Great pics!!! I don't have one of Aidan nursing yet...