Who is still pregnant?

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Who is still pregnant?

I'm being induced in nine days! Physically I'm fed up but really need the time to get everything ready. Still cleaning up from renos and I'm overwelmed by the to do lust. I do not want this baby to come to chao.

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Dr. had me due on Friday, so I guess I'm past due now. I am scheduled to be induced on Tues! Ready to meet my little girl Smile

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39 weeks today

My official due date is October 23.

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My due date is the 23rd, but I'm having my repeat section on Monday morning. Smile

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Me! Due date the 28th, but sect scheduled for Friday!

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I'm still preggo :). I'll probably be the last to deliver hehe.

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40w2d here. Dr is going to discuss induction at my appt on Wed. I'm so done! Lol. I really want to meet her!!!

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Ok call me crazy, but I got really bored and decided to go through the EDD sticky and cross out the names of those who already had their baby, that haven't been active in 2+ months or already posted to this thread. These were the names left:

Jenna - Young Country Mum(hasn't been on since 10/1)
Kate - Kate83(hasn't been on since 10/9)
Alicia - 4sweet
Erin - sweetusagi
Sonia - Sonia37(hasn't been on since 10/5)

This doesn't include anyone who joined us recently, and I can't think of anyone who has that isn't a nov'11 transfer.

OK... so I might be stalkerish tonight lol!!! I'm just excited to see all the october babies born!

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Hi....I am still preggers ...only tilltomorrowmorning...going for a c-sec at 9:30 a.m..... cantwait to hold my LO.....

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I'm here and pg!!!!! Sorry, life got busy and its a pita postiing on my cell.

3wks3days and feeling good!