worried about dissapointment

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worried about dissapointment

I really, and I mean REALLY want a girl. I am so worried that I will be upset it it's a boy. I wanted a girl both times with the boys, but since they were only 18 months apart, I thought it would be better that they were both boys.

Is it normal to feel this way? I told dh I probably wouldn't get over it till delivery day, because of course you love your baby no matter what, and you're so happy it doesn't matter what it is!

I just hate feeling down about things, especially such a wonderful and happy thing.

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I would really like a boy this time, wanna trade lol just kidding. But I know how you feel. My first I didn't care, second only wanted another girl to spite my MIL (long story). Now having 2 girls I would really like a boy. I think 3 teenage girls will tip my DH over the edge. Especially as there will be 10 years between eldest and this one. So we would have teenage girls in the house for an eternity. I am worried about being disappointed and how to handle it. But trying to not worry about it too much until I know if it will be an issue or not.

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I think that its completely normal! Im sure that you will love the baby growing inside of u no matter what it is, but you will definitely love him/her when they get here even more.

Im kinda torn with what I would "like" to have. DH says that this is our last so I would like to have a boy if thats the case.

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Yes it is completely normal. I was sooo hoping for a girl my 1st pregancy and was devastated when I was told I was having a boy........... and for years I secrectly yearn for a girl coz I grew up with 3 sisters and have an amazing bond with them and have no idea what to do with a boy. But now that I have a girl and can see how my daughter adores my husband and my son adores me, I am wanting another boy coz I want another son that adores me ( I am selfish that way LOL) But I have to say that, I will be happy with whatever God decides to bless us with since this is my suprise/opps baby after a long nine years!

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I think that is a completely normal feeling. I'm feeling the same way too! I want a girl soooo bad and I'm worried about the disappointment if it turns out to be a boy. I know it will make me feel awful and of course I will love the baby no matter what, but I can't help but be worried about how it will make me feel at first.

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I think its completely normal..........I was devastated when I found out DS#3 was a boy (we found out at my 41 week appt, just 2 days before he was born). I already had 2 boys that were only 12 months old so I really wanted a girl. And to be quite honest the first few months of his life I had a VERY hard time bonding with him. I don't know if that was the issue OR I think I also had a touch of PPD. Anyway when I found out I was preg the 3rd time I prayed for a girl seriously ALL THE TIME...walked in to our 24 week US and told the tech if it wasn't a girl to look out cuz I owuld likely come OFF THE TABLE. About 20 minutes in she said well I see a bun NO HOTDOG. I bawled my eyes out I was so happy. Then when I was preg with DS#4 I wanted a girl but kinda had a feeling it was a boy, my DD on the other hand INSISTED it was a girl for 20 weeks until my US at 28 weeks she insisted to everyone that her baby sister was in my belly (she was 3). After my US I called to tell the kids and my mom it was a boy and my DD was upset. When I found out this time I was preg my DD BEGGED me for it to be a girl...lol. I told her that I didn't have anything to do with that. Shes 7 now. Anyway I also would LOVE for this to be a girl as this WILL be my last (plan on having my tubes cut, tied, burnt, buried, etc. whatever they need to do). And I know with already having 4 boys and only one girl I will be UPSET if this baby is a boy. DS#4 is 3 and insists its a baby brother so I'm hoping history will repeat itself and this baby is actually the opposite of what my 3 yr old thinks it is.....

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I really really want a girl too. I've always wanted a daughter. And my partner has three kids, two boys and a girl, so we want another girl for him too. I am afraid I will be disappointed if it's a boy but I know I am just happy to have a healthy baby in my tummy.

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I have the same feeling here. With 2 boys I want a girl to even out our family. This is part of the reason we decided to find out what we are having. That gives us more time to get used to whatever it will be.

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I am in the same boat. I think everyone wants us to have a girl, so maybe that's why I want one too. I will feel like I am dissapointing everyone if I don't have one. I do try to look on the bright side that boys are so much fun, and we already have a name picked out for a boy.

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I think you and I are really having parallel pregnancies! As time goes by my desire for a baby girl just gets more intense! I tooootally know what you mean! When I found out my 2nd was a boy it took all I had not to break down crying. This is our last and I will probably bawl if this one is a boy. 3 boys would be neat and I would adjust but I WANT my girl! I want my DH with my at the u/s but because of this I think I may be better off being alone so I can deal with my own emotions before I have to deal with his(he really really wants a little princess too). GL to all of who want a girl child!