Wow! I look so different this pregnancy!

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Wow! I look so different this pregnancy!

I was looking through some old photos when I was pregnant with DS and I came across this photo when I was 28 weeks. DH even made a comment on Friday about how wide I got with DS and my belly never got big and with this one, my belly is sticking out more. He would have gotten slapped if he wasn't trying to tell me in his own way that I look beautiful. LOL! Gotta love men! Smile Looks like I was carrying DS much higher and now I'm carrying lower. Amazing at how different you carry your children!

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Wow... you do look different. I think you look much more trim & fantastic this pg. Smile You're right about the carrying higher & lower between the two pregnancies. I should pull out my pics from last time.

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Yep I agree. Your belly definitely looks rounder.

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You look great in both pics, and you definetly have a rounder belly this time.

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So cute! Definitely looks different. That makes me want to look through belly pics for DS and see how it compares!

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I was 50 lbs. heavier with DS so I figured I would probably look different this time. DS loved to stick his butt up so I think that is why my belly was so pointy just in that one spot. LOL! I had fun going through all my old pregnancy photos. The photo of me at 28weeks is the last photo I took with DS and then he was born 6 weeks later.