Yet another appt-updated with pic

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Yet another appt-updated with pic

I had my 39 week appt. I gained 5 lbs this week. I was at 10 lbs total gained just a couple weeks ago, but ugh this swelling is killing me! BP was a bit high for me again but urine was good so no worries. I'm measuring at 44 weeks now :rolleyes:. I can really feel it to be honest, I've never been this uncomfortable before. I can't lay down anymore, I basically sleep sitting up because my belly is so heavy when I lay down it causes round ligament pain and that starts up contractions Grrr! I don't know how twin mamas do it!

Not too much change to my cervix, I'm not quite 2cm and almost fully effaced. But the good news is his head is right there, super low. Last week he was still pretty high, he'd burrow down while I was up walking or sitting, but whenever I was laying he floated up into my lungs lol. She asked me if I wanted the induction yet and I declined. As miserable as I am I know my best chance for a VBAC is going myself, I'm 100% determined.... or maybe stubborn :p.

Overall I'm happy with the way things are going but I'm getting discouraged that all the pre labor I'm having isn't doing anything except rob me of sleep and sanity! I want this over with already, but I'm
terrified of another c-section.

So here's my first ever belly pic! Sorry about the pic's poor quality (and the ugly stretch marks!) and sorry about the cat I couldn't get her out of the pic!

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Hope everything works out for you. Sorry you are so miserable. YAY for already being dilated wish I was lol Good luck getting your VBAC xx

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Sorry about the prelabor. Hopefully your body will cooperate and you will have your vbac!

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I know how you feel. I'm scared sh*tless about my section. I really hope you get your VBAC!

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Yikes, measuring 44 weeks. You poor thing!!! I was measuring 32 when I went into labor at 38 weeks and had my little 5 pound peanut! He felt plenty big to me the last couple weeks, so I can only imagine how done you must feel!!! Hopefully your LO will decide to come SOON!!

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I would call and ask them if they could do a sweep for you.. Better chances to get things started without and induction!

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Good luck! You just never know what can happen! Crossing my fingers for the VBAC!

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Ooohhhh you've got an awsome attitude for a VBAC!!! I hope that baby gets the message & moves along.

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Yeah, you can live with the prelabor if it is progressing things but if not then it is just frustrating!
My friend who had triplets slept in her lazy boy chair for the last 5 months of her pg.
44 weeks? I think we need a pic of that belly!
I hope you get your VBAC, hang in there!

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Lauren- Oops I forgot to add that they did a sweep :). She'll do another next week if I'm still preggo :).

Julie- I'll try to get a belly pic tomorrow. It would be my first ever belly pic, but just for you :).

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:bump: for a pic.

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FABULOUS belly!! Thanks for sharing. And wow, yep, it's definitely time for that baby to come now! Smile