Are you crafty? Artistic?

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Are you crafty? Artistic?

If you are, how about sharing some pictures of things you've done! I'd love to see your talents, ladies!

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I wish I was, don't have the time, but I love seeing what other people come up with.

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some stuff I sewed in the last year

Stuff I made in the past

flower girl dress

my wedding dress

Robbie's blessing outfit (took apart my wedding dress to make)

Making stuff and baking for craft/bake sale next weekend, I am making cloth gift bags, my best friend is doing the other crafts

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So I've taught myself how to crochet:)

Not bad for the first 2 projects Smile

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love seeing everyone's projects.
Dana - cute hats! i keep telling myself i'm going to learn one day.

here's my projects from kessler's room. Free hand drew and painted trees, sewed and appilqued crib skirt and sewed crib sheet and finally got the mobile finished and hung
Color on the pictures isn't perfect but fairly close

close up of owl

and pretty sure I've posted this before too, but dress i made back in the summer (before I hemmed it) for Abby Kate