Is your baby breech?

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Is your baby breech?

One of my OB's practicing partners (a midwife) told me the other day that she wasn't sure if the LO was breech or not. I think I have my answer today. He's had hiccups - twice - both times 2 inches ABOVE my belly button :/ I think I've got a breech baby! I'm hoping he'll still turn without any major poking to do so. The midwife said if we're still not SURE he's head down next appointment, she'd give me a sneak peek to check.

Anyone else think their LO is breech?

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One of mine has been breech most times I've been for an US. But not the same boy either time. This last appt they were both head down, trying to head butt the other to be the one closest to the exit.

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I'm pretty sure mine has corrected himself... but it really doesn't matter for me since I'm a Csect.

I would hang out on all fours a couple of times a day if you can. Also, if you can go to the pool & float stomach down (on a float), yours might turn. That's how I got mine to turn but it was awhile ago. GL! Smile

But, that's awesome for maybe getting another peek at your LO!

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Mine has been head down at the last two appointments, but I'm pretty sure she turned around during the two weeks between. That's a kind of big stress for me. I hope she'll stay head down this time.

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Mine's been breech forever. Two days ago I felt him flip. Then I wasn't so sure he didn't flip back...but now I'm feeling movement and different baby parts up high, so I think he's head down again. Doesn't matter much to me since I'm c-section. Smile

Check out spinning babies though if you need the baby to flip though Smile

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Yep I think Owen is breech. I've got an OB appointment tomorrow, I'm hoping the doc will either feel and see or give me an u/s because it's really kinda starting to stress me out not knowing.

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Definitely check out spinning babies! And if you see a chiropractor, ask him about the webster's technique. While this one is head down my first DS was breech! He wouldn't turn for anything and I ended up with a c-section :(. So I can sympathize!

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Little Miss was head down at both my 3D US's so I'm hoping she stays that way. My DD was breech and we had scheduled a version but she came at 36 weeks (so 2 weeks before the version was scheduled). I did have to have a c-section with her.

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He was head down on Tuesday but he is now transverse. I hope he flips back soon this hurts.

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This one was breech at the last apt in the beg of August, I think she still is too. I have another u/s today so I am going to ask.

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Just had an appt yesterday and the Dr confirmed that he's head down...hopefully he'll stay that way!

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Little Girl is Breech. At my last two week appt (I have one tomorrow so we'll see) the RN discussed my options with me. I was told that if she's still breech at 37 weeks, they'll do an US to confirm and then attempt a version (something I'm totally not looking forward to!). But I've also been told that they can flip as late as 38 weeks, it's just hard because there isn't to much moving room. I'm pretty sure she's still breech because I'm being kicked on all the same areas that I've been kicked for the past couple months. Here's to hoping they perform some gymnastics!!!!