*TMI* Bathroom trouble?

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*TMI* Bathroom trouble?

TMI TMI if you get sick by reading about bathroom issues- leave now! haha

This is waay tmi, but does anyone else have bathroom trouble??

I feel like I can't go - at all, been taking probiotics too but that's not helping.

Then @ like 3am wake up with gut wrenching stomach ache- the kind where you HAVE to go to the bathroom bad... run to the bathroom, and .. nothing.. even though my stomach is making loud noises.... finally go...


Today, just stomach ache off and on, and finally eat dinner- literally goes right through me.

I'm scared to "try" too hard to go to the bathroom, bcuz I got hemroids (however u spell them) after I had DS n that was the worst thing everrrr!!

What's safe to take?? I was going to get metamucil or something tomorrow, it's so hard for me to "take" something, especially powder or mix-in stuff,
I did buy fiber viteys but they hurt my teeth for some reason so i havent really been taking them.

Maybe a "stool softener" or would that cause.... problems??


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You can get colace stool softener over the counter, and I believe it's safe. They give it to babies. You can ask your pharmacist, though, to be sure. Prune juice (a glass a day) works. It seems like it works better warm, and I think it tastes better warm too. Stay hydrated. Also, it's very important that whenever you feel the "urge" that you try to go. Don't ever put it off. That's how I was able to overcome years of constipation and also get rid of my hemorrhoids. Finally, are you taking prenatal vitamins? If so, you may be getting too much iron. Switch to a women's daily multiple. It has enough folic acid without the insane amounts of iron. If you're having morning sickness and/or heartburn, switching vitamins will also help with that. Also stay away from apples and bananas, because they both contain pectin, which can stop you up. Try eating fruits with more fiber, like raisins, apricots, prunes, etc., and drink plenty of water!

Oh, and stool softener won't cause you to have diarrhea or anything, it just softens your stool if it's too hard.

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Swear I typed a response before but now it's not here??

Anyway my MW says the diarrhea happens bc after you're constipated for awhile your body floods your intestines with water trying to help get the waste out. She recommends colace as well. And eating lots of fiber, she says actually eating the fiber is a better source instead of a supp or st least trying to eat more on addition to a supp. Like said above lots of water is key too and my vitamin doesn't go me any favors in that area either. But I tend to be low on iron when pg so I am sticking with it.

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I'm sorry you're miserable. I had lots of bathroom issues in my last pregnancy, to the point that I had to either go to the hospital or do an enema. Take colace, for sure. I'd also avoid cheese and bananas and make sure to eat fiber bars and prunes.

Gotta go....two year old demanding attention...

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I had to take iron supplemts for my last pregnancy and that lead to constipation like crazy. I know it doesn't seem like a long time, but I didn't go for 9 days SadSad Like everyone else said though colace works great. I was sooo scared it was going to give me diarrhea! But it didn't. Just "softens" it. good luck Cait!! Smile

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Thanks girls!
Now I feel like the opposite problem is happening, instead of being backed up, immediately after I eat I. HAVE.TO.GO.. so hopefully maybe It's just catching up and now I'll be back to normal.

I got the metamucil today @ the store, I'll try the colace if it doesnt help- I wish I woulda read this thread before I headed to town!!!

I also got some more fiber one brownies and started taking my probiotic again.. ughhh, this is NOT a fun part of pregnancy!!

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almost as soon as I eat in the middle of the night and etc. Stuff just runs through me so annoying..... the other night I woke up felt kinda funny had a horrible cramp/pain than my insides starting talking lol I literally throw up everything, not two minutes later it all came out the other end than I felt great. I am also dealing with a very constipated 3 year old..... off to google some foods to help( he has been on miralax) and it helps for a day or 2 than the problem comes back!

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Try eating more fruits. Such as apples and strawberries or grapes. that will help get things moving. I drink a fiber drink once a day along with the fact that I always eat a lot of fruits and veggies anyways. I hope you can get this taken care of. It sounds so uncomfortable!