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First appointment down. Heartbeat was 162 and we got cute little ultrasound pics. Dh went with and he said he feels a lot better after sweing baby and the heartbeat. He then asked "is 162 fast or slower cause they say girls heartbeats are faster right?" Lol i told him i dont think we can go by that just yet cause babies so small. He is super excited now. Oh and i told him of all the surprise twins so right before we went in he tells me if its twins im going to gave to build a room downstairs. Lol thankfully theres only one.

Im going to pull out my dd babybook to see what her heartbeataveraged. Doea anyone else believe the hifher for a girl lower for a boy?

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Yay for a good appointment! Its so nice to actually see the baby and heartbeat. Makes it that much more real! As for the fast heartbeat for a girl and slow for a boy, I don't trust it. My son was always between 150-160. AND all the chinese gender charts said girl.

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My boys always had higher heartbeats (160s-170s), especially in the first trimester, so I definitely don't buy into it. They did tend to even out the farther I got along, averaging 135-150 in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

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So glad all is well. I'm not sure you can trust that heartbeat myth....

Glad you got a pic.

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Yay I'm glad you had a great appt and u/s! I don't put much stock in the hb ranges mine were never consistent with it.

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I cant even remember Brodys HBs so I guess I dont have anything to compare to hehe

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Yay on a great appointment! I do believe they say the faster the HB is supposed to be a girl. As far as I can remember this did play true to my pregnancies with DD and DS.

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If you're curious go to Baby BPM, you can plug in your stats, but it said both my boys were girls, so there's that lol.